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Being clean and staying sober... this is why!!

Ok, I;ll start and you all , please feel free to jump in and ad your own!!

1.  No more calling everyone in your phone asking when they will have
2.  No more having to watch the clock
3.  No more having to lie to EVERYONE
4.  No more waking up reaching for my purse and counting minutes until I can actually get out of bed
5   No more counting each pill and wondering where to get the next batch
6.  No more looking at my kids and having a deep feeling of guilt
7.  No more saving each dollar and spending each and EVERY dollar on the stupid pills
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no more needing pills to function just to make it through the day.  great post...maria
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No more opiates period!!!
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forgot to throw these ones in there:

--being a much better parent!!!
--enjoying all the little moments of life that otherwise you didnt notice when high
--not being a slave anymore
--not having to plan functions, outings, chores etc around pill schedules/supply
--believing in yourself again
--being able to "FEEL" again
--being ALIVE
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not having to wait in gas station parking lots while your waiting for your dealer that is ALWAYS late!!
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I found myself envying sober people and there capabilities, people with more limitations than myself could do more, and i could only do it if i had my pills for the day,, to be able to do anything i want feels like freedom...
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no more feeling like bad person
no more running to bathroom to snort one
no more having straws in pocket book
no more worries when officer gets behind you
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