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Belbuca for pain management

Anyone familiar with Belbuca and have any advice on how well it works? I am trying to manage pain but not abuse my prescription. I had thought about going on Suboxone. My doctor told me about Belbuca which is a class 3 narcotic vs a class 2 and not the ugly side effects of oxycodone. I am hooked bad but also in pain. Can I have both a pain reliever and not abuse these strips I wonder? I’m so depressed over my use and how it has gotten worse over the years. I sometimes wish a genie would pop out of a lantern and grant me one wish. I would wish that someone would come along and say, I know what you are struggling with and I have a place that will help you. Pack a bag. I would go so fast. Doesn’t work that way, though. I have to start the conversation and reach out for help. Thank you for reading my post
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