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I am in Treatment  ((meaning))) Methadone I have been in Treatment for over 20 something years I only been clean on Methadone with out the use of Herion orCocaine its been 18 years The only job I had was elling my body now today I am A Community Advocate/OutReach Worker /HIV/AIDS Peer Educatoras well as well as A Awareness Woman For Street Harmony ran by my GodChild & Husband where we work with Youth from 8 years old to 30 years old and belive me if I would have not been in Treatment I no I would of NEVER got 200 Youth TESTED For the HIV/AIDS Virus my question is can ANYBODY get on this site even if they are in Methadone Treatment  or maybe they are  still using but need to reach out and they get on someones Computer and run into this site PLEASE TELL ME THAT YOU WILL BE THERE TO SUPPORT THEM thats my QUESTION
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Many people try and try to get clean and just can't. Many more don't even seek out maintenance programs like you have. I read a book that in England they actually prescribe heroin for addicts that have continuously tried and failed other forms of treatment. There are many benefits for the addict as well as society. The drug dealers are pretty much out of business and the addicts don't have to commit crimes everyday to support their habit. They are being maintained on clean herion that does not have God knows what in it. They are able to maintain jobs and family lives and their overall health is better because of this as they have insurance to get medical attention and money for food. Yhis forum only represents a very small population of addicts. Most don't have homes none the less computers. We do what we can though and we hwlp many. I know that maintenance drugs are frowned upon by many but the alternative is life changing. I know that when I stopped going to NA, all  of the people who supported me, shunned me and told me I was doomed to relapsed. I never heard from anyone again. I still found some supportive people here though. I wish you well in your journey and am so glad that this is working for you. GBU, Corey
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I think Lesa is quite correct - no strings attached here and everyone is welcome. Just about all of us were in situations similar to yours at some point. Best of luck in your efforts.
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We sure will :) and welcome to the forum.. Congratulations on your success in life and in the program.. What you are doing for your community speaks volumes of your character.. Take care.. lesa
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