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Benzo detox?

Hey I've been having a rough time getting off 8 years of benzo use, I am seeing a dr and counselor and the counselor mentioned detoxing, I've never detoxxed and was just wondering what to expect. I have been off benzos 2 months, I've quit cold turkey a few dozen times so I really don't feel that great, and relapsed a couple days ago. Just waiting for a call back from her thought I'd get some first hand experience. Thanks
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Google "ashton manual" for info about benzos
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The book "Recovery and Renewal", a book by Baylissa Frederick helped me survive benzo withdrawals. I went cold turkey and was in hospital. I did not know about the Ashton manuel. She also has several videos on UTube that are helpful as well as a website. She is on Facebook under "Bloom into Wellness". It is difficult but can be done. Baylissa is a therapist as well as experienced benzo withdrawal.
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I detox ed off 16 mgs of Xanax but it took me 6-8 weeks WITH a 21 day rehab.  However at the time I went to rehab I had gotten myself down to 1 mg.  I just couldn't kick the rest.  I will also tell you that it took me 2 solid weeks of rehab to beat the Xanax.  They used libruum believe  it or not.  They we end me off in 10 days.
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THIS IS HOW THEY WITHDREW ME WITH BY DOSAGE.  Along with therapy, diet, exercise I felt like a new man coming out.  I was given trazadone to sleep because  I only took my Xanax at night for sleep towards the end.  So they switched me to that.  It worked fine for a little whole but then it just stopped doing The trick.   I eventually  got back on Xanax at a low dose and have stayed on it at .5 at night for sleep.  Rehab waant in vein but because  I left and went right back to the same people same place same things everything  just came back.  God bless I'm here if u need me.
I need you. Please read my question I posted about an hour ago,need advice immediately, please!
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