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Best Foods for Withdrawal

The title says most of it, i am about to start my 2nd try at quitting oxycodone cold turkey. Last time i had trouble finding foods that i could eat while i was sick and have had no luck finding anything on the subject online, so in these forum members opinion's what are some good foods to eat while detoxing/withdrawal both for nutritional value and personal preference??

Thanks for any input
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Personally, I BARELY eat at all when I was going through withdrawals. I just couldn't sit down and enjoy it, everything was like cardboard.
So unfortunately, I have no suggestions.
Just eat when you feel like you can, whatever sounds good.
I wouldn't worry about nutritional value right now because you have a lot of other things to worry about.
If you crave potato chips, let yourself have 'em. They're empty calories, but at least you're getting food.
When you start feeling better, then you can worry about it.
Just my suggestion, though. D:
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HI and welcome to the forum....one good thing you can start out on is whey protein shakes you can pick it up at walmart thet cary 2 different kinds one is 15 bucks and you can mix it with a spoon the other containd more stuff but requires a blender to mix it both work it only 15 bucks for one and 20bucks for the other both have the essential amino acids vitamins as well as the protein all of witch the brain needs to heal this will also give you some badly need calories will your detoxing...I recommend
these for at lest the next 90 day...wile detoxing gatoaid and apple juice are good to keep fluids in you body and remember a hot bath takes away most of the symptoms stay with us here and post your progress we all want to see you succeed good luck and God bless....Gnarly    
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Hey!  I buy the whey protein Gnarly is taliking about. It makes a great shake in the blender. I add frozen strawberries to it. Delicious. I get mine at Costco. A 5 pound bag is 15 dollars.

Also,try small sandwiches. Make them ahead and keep them in the fridg. Tea,toast with peanut butter and jelly. Pasta etc...any comfort foods. It's really important to eat. When your blood sugar dips,it feels pretty bad!

Good luck and keep in touch!
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I would like to know how you are going and if you have found anything to eat that helps? I am going to be going through this same thing in a few weeks time. Have done it before and it was terrible. Am trying to prepare better this time!
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bananas, they have potassium, so were good for me, and chicken soup, its all i wanted, good luck with your detox,
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Special K has protein powder packets that you mix with water. They are flavorful enough to wake up your taste buds, plus you get fluids down. I would munch on celery sticks and spinach leaves when I couldnt eat anything else. Hummus is also full of protein. Try some on a cracker. Soups as well.
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Bananas, applesauce, chicken noodle soup, yogurt, protean bars,toast just make sure u eat and drink! Good luck and god bless
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what symptoms go away from a hot bath? when I'm going through withdrawals my skin is all itchy, extra sensitive, etc. a hot bath or shower seem like the last thing I would want. Does it really work though?
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im not gnarly but id say while your in the hot bath almost everything goes away there would be times i would practically live in the tub cause u feel so good while in there trust me .... and u will feel pretty good for about 30 min after u get out as well , best part is after the 30 min was up i would normally fall asleep for 30 min or so but then id wake up feeling bogue so id jump right back in the hot bath!!!  bananas are amazing  i always tried eating soft type foods  something your not guna hafta chew a 100 times because youll end up spittin it out
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after day 2 or sometimes even day 3 of detox i finally take a a hot shower, at first it feels a little weird on my skin but once i get used to it he actually starts to help, i researched it and got similar response I'll have to do that, thanks for the advice
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your welcome congrats on joining the site things get better it just takes time!!!
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i know it's not best substitute one drug for another, just try not to get addicted (easier said than done) but I use my xanex during detox (any benzo works) and all the suggestions above make it a lot easier, of course you would have to be subscribed the benzo, the one time I actually did a detox in a detox unit they just fed me 10mg valiums every 2 to 3 hours for 3 days straight (lowering the dosage as I got better) another time I was hospitalized for severe withdrawals, after doing everything medically they could do they just gave me a short term prescription to get me through the next few days, wouldn't recommend to drug users or addicts with high addictive personalities
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also is sugar bad during withdrawals, i've heard people say it is but i've heard people say it's good because your body stops receiving the sugar from the alcohol so you're body isn't used to the usual sugar intake?
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BENZO helped me thur wds as well but yeas  were all addicts and sometimes its not the right fit some others but it most def took the edge off for me
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not sure if it's used  to treat withdrawals for other drugs but it's used to treat alcohol withdrawals
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wow! can't believe the hot shower trick really worked...another tip which isn't for everyone is exercise, i know it's hard to even get out of bed but when you feel up to it just a little workout can go a long way, it'll sweat out a lot of the toxins, get your endorphin's going, and for me it makes my stomach/insides feel better i'm not a dr. but if you're lying in bed all day your organs may not be working to their full extent, i don't know if a workout does affects your organs positively but it sure does for the heart...anyways just another good tip that works very well.
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I drank Ensure, vanilla extra protein.  Just little sips did it for me.
Thanks for sharing...
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I also drink the protien drinks.little bits.Cant handle all at once.They have a walmart brand of those also.I am taking almost everything on the thomas menu at bottom of page.I will swear by at to all.I have done this before and this time seems a little less torture.goodluck
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I second that. Food was the furthest thing from my mind. Not only no appetite, but couldn't hold anything down. As far as proteins go, I've used whey for many years but found plant protein powders to be healthier and not so chalky and genetically flavored tasting. If you can hold down food during withdrawals, much anything would do especial;y something high in protein, and get plenty of liquids and electrolytes.... lastly I'm thinking... Can't go too wrong with nature.. so fruits? particularly berries? Just my thoughts
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Ive recently decided to stop my opiate habit (more like addiction) lol and i came across an article online with a lot of helpful tips for making the wdl process a little easier to handle..theres stuff about simple allergy meds to get rid of the runny/itchy nose and sneezing, epsom salt/magneisam salts in a hot bath helps just like a muscle relaxer for RLS or muscle cramps..the site is here > https://ihavewill.wordpress.com/2014/12/14/easing-opiate-withdrawal-an-assistive-guide-to-a-fast-and-healthy-recovery/ < some sites dont allow shareing of other sites so if this isnt allowed ill gladly remove it, just wanted to share some hopfully helpful info :) good luck everyone....
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Saw where Epson salts in the bath help to pull toxins out of the body.
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