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Bf detoxing off of methadone

My boyfriend was a heroin user for about 4 months recently. He ended up going to a methadone clinic to get off of the heroin. The highest dose he was on was 35mg. He started tapering down and his last dose was Wednesday. Before he was completely off of it he moved out, and he has began shutting me out. He told me today that his mind is extremely messed up, and that he can't even explain what's going on in his mind. He doesn't go to AA, or any counseling. He thinks he can do it himself bc he quit heroin cold turkey a few years ago and was clean for a while before relapsing again. I was wondering what symptoms any people clean from methadone had? How long it takes before you start to feel "normal" again? I'm terrified he's going to relapse and I don't know what to do.
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Tattooedgirl- There is something you can do. You can go to Alanon. The whole reason alanon exists is to calm the nerves and the fear of the loved ones of alcoholics and addicts. You can't figure this out, and you will drive yourself insane trying. Let the addict have his own journey while you have yours. Your bf isn't working a program of recovery, and until he does, things will get worse. Protect your sanity and please go to a meeting.
Thank you for your reply. I actually just started going to meetings, finally. It took me a while but I finally went. Everyone keeps telling me he will never stay clean if he isn't in a program. But I can't get him to do it :/. I lost myself when he was using, and I'm losing myself again while he's detoxing.
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I'm so glad you are going to meetings. I went for a long time and I learned A LOT more, especially about myself. You'll learn to get the focus on where it belongs: on YOU. You wrote a very telling sentence: "I can't get him to do it." That's the whole point, of course you can't. You didn't cause it, you can't control it, and you can't cure it. The only, the ONLY thing you can do is learn to focus on your own life (remember your life?) and leave other's journey to themselves. You'll learn more about WHY you obsess about this and why you pick who you pick as a significant other.
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Hi....well as for the symptoms your emotions go all over the place that and the ''energy crash'' is tuff....also most people dont sleep  methadone can be ruff to kick alot has to do with your age the dose your at and how long you are on it....just know that with time you do get over it give us some more info and will try to help
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