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Bidding farewell to my life on pills.

I came off of hydrocodone a few weeks ago only to break out with the shingles and have to go back on it along with neurontin. The pain was so bad. I think the worst pain I have ever felt. I tried to go through it without anything but the pain was just to unbearable. Now the shingles have cleared up. The nerves in that area are still getting back to normal and every once in a while a little painful but I do have some 800mg Motrin. I was taking about 12 lortab 10's a day and sometimes 20 of the 5's if thats all I had. It is time to bid these pills fair well once and for all, When I first broke out with the shingles I went to the doctor to get meds for shingles. I told him my struggles with the hydrocodone. The doctor happened to be a pain management Dr. He said why don't I put you on a stronger pain med to help with the pain of the shingles and was going to prescribe me oxy 30's to take every 4 hrs and once the pain went away then I could go on suboxone. He said that some people stay on suboxone there whole life. I ended up telling him I would just rather stick with the hydrocodone. I got my script and never went back. I guess I'm not as bad off as what I thought. I could probably go there and get whatever I wanted but it really bothers me that a doctor would put money before humanity. I'm also reading the book "Natural Cures they don't want you to know about". It's enough to **** you off so bad you will never want to take another pill again in your life. I have about 10 pills left and I'm going to destroy them. I guess a symbolic gesture of finally being done with them. Wish me luck.
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  That would be one hell of a symbolic gesture..lol..It sounds like your mind is in a good place. Good luck with your recovery.
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This is not the first post I have read this morning, where the person was open and upfront about possibly having a problem with hydro's and the doctor says you don't.

I'm proud that you have to come to this conclusion on your own and didn't get busted like most of us, or so out of control we have runied our lives......

I commend you for your stength and wanted to say "YEA" out loud when you said your going to destroy them........

That's power right there......I would have taken them all, then started getting clean.

Your already ahead of the game......:)   Good luck....

So.....I have to know.....how are you gonna take them out?? Guns....blow them up...??  lol  man......wish I could have been that strong.....

Keep posting.....keep us up to date about how your doing.....

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Yeah...I'm taking them out in a blaze of glory...lol. I'm gonna call the pharmacy and see how to get rid of them. I don't like flushing them cause it just contaminates the water. Don't get me wrong I am gonna take a few before I bid farewell to them. Thats the only way I'm gonna be able to part with them.
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Good luck to you and you sound like you have your mind made up! That will help so much with getting through this!!!! Take care!
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The pharm will tell you to flush them. I dont think you have to worry about contaminates in the water..theres alot worse stuff that goes down the toilet..lol. Good luck man.
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hey, congrats on your decision and good luck now :)
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I guess that is true...lol...I always thought stuff like that got into the water system. Where did you catch that fish? I live in Florida also.
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I know I've been told to not flush medications but to grind them up and mix them in with coffee grounds (not sure why.)  When my mom died and the hospice nurse came, she flushed all the liquid medications, and crushed and dumped the pills mixed with coffee grounds.
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Hey!!   Good for you!   Suboxone for life???  OMG!! Now that's a money maker!!!

Pour bleach over the pills,stir swiftly and flush!! No problem!!

Take care!

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Great!  Get rid of them, and get your life back.  And NO sub for life.  Talk about a baaaaad detox!  Wheeeeew....NO thank you!

I flushed some tramadol that I found in my dryer after I had dried some clothes.  I didn't know it contaminated the water.......guess there are some energetic fish out there somewhere! LOL  Kidding.

I'm really proud of you.  You can do this!!! : )
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so are they gone??  If they are, what's the plan?  Please know we are all here for you.

ok......I have to know.....how did you take them out?  lol  I would love to think it was some dramatic event.  I would even enjoy just pulling out my 20 gauge pink shotgun and just blowing them to pieces.....hey...it'd be good target practice!!

Hope your well........

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Yeah they are gone...I ended up flushing them. After they went down I had a moment of wanting to jump in the toilet and grab them. Then I mourned the loss of them. I'm miserable today. I've been very nauseas all day yesterday and today and was throwing up last night. I don't know as that I have a plan. I know that I definately don't want any pills. I'm actually not even craving them which is odd. I have alot of support around me. I never thought I would hear myself say that I'm looking forward to reuniting with me...I've missed me. I'm still a little fogged.
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