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Blood in the Sputum


I am 29 year old man. Since last few days (4 days), I have not taken food (lunch and dinner) properly in right time due to some stress and hypertension. Today morning, while having a shower, I had a cough with blood. I am worried why this happened? This is the first time ever happened.

About me, I never drink, smoke, and have other diseases. I will be pleased to know the reason behind this.
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Why did you post on the Substance Abuse Forum if you don't abuse any drugs?  

FWIW, blood in the sputum should always be followed up with your doctor.  It could be nothing at all, or it could be a sign of something serious.  Do not panic...just make an appointment with your doctor.  Good luck.
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Hi there- It would be impossible to diagnose your problem on a forum.  Do you snort drugs?  
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