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BreastFeeding and taking drugs

My daughter has a eight month old month baby that weighs 15 pounds and sick looking. He hits himself in the head and won't take a bottle. Everytime he sees her he screams bloody murder. She breastfed since he was born and only stopped yesterday.  I found out that she has been doing oxycotin, xanax, and crack.  Shes leaving the baby in my care. I need to know what the symptoms and side effects the baby may have from  her breastfeeding and doing drugs are!
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my god please help this poor inocent baby and do everything in your power to keep her away from this child until she is clean........
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Please take this baby into the hospital or your doctor and keep all your medical records in order.....
Grandma it is up to you to save this baby..........
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Take that child to a doctor. Tell the dr, what drugs your daughter was on. Please, be safe, rather then sorry. And Beach is right, keep that child away from your daughter until she gets the help she needs. Does she want help?
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I just  need to know what to expect....I plan on taking him to the doctor. I have him eating and sleeping on a schedule for three days. I just wanted to know what to expect with a baby that became addicted to drugs after he was born...are the symptoms the same as a baby that has been addicted to drugs as a fetus.  And plan on keeping him and away from her until she gets help....If she gets help.  What do I do if she don't get help and comes back five months from now and wants him back? Do I need a lawyer? How do I get the abuse documented without getting my daughter in trouble?
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Wow, this is a tuff one and I am not sure. I would think you would need some professional advice. I can tell you that you need to get the baby looked at by a medical professional. And after that is done, then you will at least have medical records pertaining to the need for the babies emergency care due to his mothers drug use an possbile ingestion. Seek medical and professional help immediately.

Good Luck
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My Goodness. That is so sad. What we do to ourselves is bad enough, but when we hurt innocent children, it is just heartbreaking.

Pls get the baby to the hospital as fast as you can. Don't wait.

You will need to be honest with them in order to get the proper help. The hospital is bound, by law, to report all cases of abuse, and this IS abuse. Your daughter needs a wake-up call. Maybe this will be it. But if you want help for that baby, and I know you do, your daughter will have to be reported and suffer the consequences of her actions.

You don't even need a lawyer. You can petition the courts for custody. They will grant it, especially to the grandparents, in cases of abuse.

ls keep us posted. My prayers are with you and the baby.
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Please get this baby into a doctor 8 months old and 15 lbs thats crazy.............

Nobody here is a MD please take this baby into a doctor and have him evaluated............
If you truly don't want your daughter to be near this baby contack child protective services after you have taken him to the doctor.......they can give you the advice you will need to know...........
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here i go and asking another question that will get me in hot water but I have to ask anyway.....

are you afraid to take this baby into the hospital in the fear that the doctors there will report abuse?

I'm no doctor but 18 months and 15 pounds this baby has to look sickly........and malnurished......along with other side effects due to her mothers drug use........

your daughter is your flesh and blood but this is an innocent child who has never hurt anyone, it is up to your to protect the innocent and save this babies life...........
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The study of medication intake while breastfeeding isn't exactly complete yet. There hasn't been many reports of babies getting addicted to opiates from mothers breastmilkk BUT that is only if the mother IS NOT taking large amounts. The crack however is probably doing damage more. I think the baby is more malnutrition ed because the mother is on drugs and neglecting the baby cause she is high, which is absolutely terrible. The weight of the baby is really really low. My own baby is 6 months old and weighs almost 30 pounds!

go to kelly mom dot com for more info
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you need to contact the department of family and children services in your area. there are trained counselors and case workers there who can guide you through the process. you need to become the baby's guardian. everyone here has told you to take the baby to the doctor which is exactly what you have to do, even if it's the emergency room. you need to do that today! if your daughter comes home and demands to have the baby, legally it's hers because you don't have any documentation of abuse. the medical staff will report any neglect or abuse that is found. your daughter needs help and from what i've read here, she's not ready to admit that yet. until she is, your hands are tied where she is concerned. the baby is a different story. take him to a medical professional NOW!!! my sister is going through something similar with her grandchild so i know what i'm talking about. i wish you the best of luck. let us know what happens.
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bring the baby to the hospital right this minute and be completely honest about what has been going on and what types of drugs mom has been taking...this baby needs urgent medical care!!  just do it so the baby will have a fair chance in life, if its not already too late...
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i had a severe case of pneumonia when my 2nd baby was 2 months old...it took the staff about 2 days to try to find a cough syrup that i could take while breastfeeding, everything was too risky, and i thought the one they said was ok to take was also risky, so i never took it...i cant imagine what all those hard core drugs can do..i am so sorry for you ..you are a very caring wonderful person (grandmother) and brave also...it takes a person with guts to really get involved with a situation like this, even when it is your own flesh and blood....i wish you nothing but the best and hope you get all the support you need to help this baby, he needs help and i believe you are the one who must do it...i know it sounds harsh...but this will be good for your daughter in the long run if she makes the right choices to also save herself...
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