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Bring on 2016!!!!

I am so grateful for the life I have now....thanks to Medhelp, N/A, and my higher power. I am ready to hit 2016 head on like gangbusters!!!! Making a few goals this year and hoping I can achieve them. Quite honestly, I don't ever remember making goals except one....this year, I'm going to quit the dope....another year would come and go and I wouldn't have achieved it. Blink....there goes 14 years down the drain!!!! NO MORE!!!! I pick up my 2 year keytag on Friday and I couldn't be happier!!!! Does life still suck sometimes..... yes....but now I can handle life's ups and downs and the downs are not as bad as they used to be.
Wishing everyone a clean 2016....this can be done....but it does take some effort....you want it????
GO GET IT!!!!!!
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Hi motye51..What a Nice Uplifting Post!!!
Speaking as a new CL for MH, we are so Happy that YOU are with us.

So..it has been almost 2 yrs now..Wow! I remember when you first came on and YOU were really working your azh off trying your best to do whatever it took to stay clean. You would ask all these questions and I thought they were Great Questions by the way. I really like your feedback that you give on here too.
I have a few New Year Resolutions (goals) myself for 2016..lol
One thing I am hoping for is to see more ppl come on and come back to help others. I hope we do have many ppl come on wanting help and making 2016 a Clean & Sober one.

Congrats on 2 yrs and I know how hard you worked to get here. At least you did all the right things to make it this far. Keep it UP!
Thanks again for your wonderful, caring and sharing Heart you give out here.
Have a Happy New Year!!!!
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I always enjoy reading your posts as you say what you mean!!  

Congrats on your upcoming 2 years!!!!  I will be doing a happy dance in your honor, Minnesota style!!  It will be a quick one as the snow and cold has entered our world!
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Thanks to both of you as I respect and listen to what you both have to say. I will be making more of an effort to come back on here to give back was what freely given to me....honestly though, sometimes......its frustrating. But, I'll just have to work through that.
Yeah, here in Louisiana its 80 freakin degrees??? Shorts for Christmas???? Lol....but I enjoyed my holiday and didn't have to wake up worrying about who I offended the night before....so I'm good!
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If the honesty is frustrating we have hit a nerve!  Some have said i am brave behind my computer.....you should talk to me in real life!!!  lol  I had a girl who was glamorizing going back to using(to lose weight was the excuse).  I listened to her trying to convince herself and me that this was a good idea....after a  minute or so i finally looked at her and said, If you decide to pick up again, please go to the funeral home first and make your arrangements.  Dont leave this for your children to do.  She was so mad at me and just sat there and stared at me.  I told her this was our ending to this addiction and not one of us was exempt.  The next day she came in and said to me that was the harshest tough love she had ever had and it stuck with her and she decided to join the gym and eat better to lose weight.  She is still doing good by the way!!  There is a time and place for this sort of tough love and it is something i have to work on when opening my mouth!!

Winter storm watch is in effect here now.  Upwards of 10 inches coming our way so i will be on your doorstep with my shorts and flippers in hand!!!
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Motye- I always relate so much to you. Especially the procrastination of goals. Ugh! Congrats on your 2 years. I hope the "newbies" read your post. Sarah- you are getting snow??!! I'm in LA...jealous!!!
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Hey Girl  congrats on 2 yr  clean!!!!...your a great example of what it takes to recover....life is amazing when you find recovery...this disease does not have to run your life ....thanks for being part of my recovery and a BIG THANKS for all you do on our forum  may God bless you abundantly in 2016...............Gnarly
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Just wanted to say congratulations on 2 years!!!  That is awesome!!!  It sure is amazing how much better life gets when we finally get it!!!  Have a Wonderful New Year!!!  ♡
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All the best!!!
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