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I am a bit scared as  i will not have the pc tonight. My neice needs it back for school. Im a bit scared not having the pc  and Kim will be in hospital a few more days. I was ok when i had the pc as i could turn to my friends for support. Now i will have to dig deep and keep my positive attitude.This will sort the men from the boys i hope i can continue on the same path. The one to a clean life for myself Kim and my family.Im going to stay online till my neice comes and collects her netbook back. So i will use everything i got in my tool box ( my brain ) to stay clean plz wish me luck and a lil prayer.Im going to need it being alone well for me,,thats the hard part is being all alone .But im still so determind to stay and keep clean, and when Kim comes home she will be over the moon with me . I can do this cant i. I have switched the phone of and the door wont be getting answered. So i will give myself a real good chanceof not even being tempted with heroin. I have to stay clean at all costs wishing myself good luck ,,,James
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James you have come so far.  You can do this, for you and Kim and the kids!!!  Get a good movie, make something good to eat, whatever it takes for you to keep that door locked and the phone off.  You know if you dont, you will feel horrible.  Please stay strong.  We are all behind you 100 percent!!!  Kim is going to be so very proud of you.  I am saying a prayer as I write this for you to be very strong and say NO to drugs!!  I know you can do that, and I don't even know you.  But I know you have been so strong this past week with Kim gone.  Please don't let yourself down!  You can do it...you don't want to go back to that life.  Sorry I keep saying the same thing, but I am rooting for you to man-up and stay clean.  Please do it for yourself first, then your family and I know you love them!  Good luck and you are in my prayers every day,,
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Why do you have to stay alone? Can you go spend some time with your niece? Maybe a relative or a clean friend?
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michele thank you so much. Thats a good idea ill watch a movie keep the phone of the door cloded. I can and will do this i cant go back. Not to a life like that its horrible and no longer the life for me. Thanks for the support mechele just what i needed and theprayer is getting answered. iv still got the pc for a few more hours.....James
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James~  I would say this to anyone I care about:  PUT ON YOUR BIG BOY PANTS AND DO THE RIGHT THING !!    Do it for yourself.  As your nurse, this is my best advice. Even if you can't post on the forum for a few days,you know we're here and care very much for you and Kim.  You'll be fine...keep thinking of alternate ways to get a computer...
Are your kids nearby? Can you ask one of them over to visit?  
Much love~ Vicki
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My family disowened me a long time ago. they wont talk to me they allow there kids to call me names like junkie smackhead and my neice has scool early so will be going to bed. I dont mind being alone its just i have a fear that so called friends will phone or come to my house if they know Kim is in hospital. hence phone of door closed and not answered thanks ga guy the support keeps me strong minded,,,James
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My daughter has just come in after being at the hospital to see mum. they know about the drugs but not to the extent i was useing. But as my nurse LOL Iv got my big boy pants on im not going back to that life.I just feel a wee bit vunrable when im on my own thank you Vicki as i know that you all care. I wont be letting anyone down. I will do this for me first then my wife and family thanks for the encouragement and support Vicki...James
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