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Hi all,

I was wowndering if anyone knew of any empathetic, helpful, pain management or obgyn doctors in the boston area? I was on tramadol for two years with great sucess but my new doctor switched me to percocet because of the pregnancy.  The  percocet, even though stronger than tramadol, does not seem to help as much unless I take quite a few....Three different doctors have told me to stay on the percs while pregnant....and while the baby doctor is prescribing them, she does not give me enough to sustain me or really help....in general she is not helpful, very quick with my visits (ten minutes or less), and not nice AT ALL....I know her job is to keep the baby safe and I respect her for that, but my pain level is unberable without meds and I get super stressed about not being able to go to work, IF I dont have meds....I have severe endometriosis ( surgery 5x since I was 18, Im 25 now), interstitial cystitis (IC), and a very problematic left ovary and chronic fatigue....all of these conditions are aggravated by my pregnancy witht he exception of the endo......I am constantly miserable and stressed and I need a helpful doctor! I loved my regular one but since the pregnancy I had had to switch....I was just looking for any suggestions, any at all would help, esp doctor recommandations!  I was also wondering if you can go to a pain management clinic while pregnant??? I want to thank all answerers in advance, THank you!
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we don't recommend pain management  doctors on this forum.
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you might want to try the pain management forum .good luck
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oh...is there a space to do that? or even just suggestions from people who have been throught he same thing would be great.....
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I am not sure but you can check over there
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Sweetie if you go to the top of the page you will see forums just scroll down till you see the pain management forum=) good luck with the baby
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