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This isn't a question but because I am a closet drug addict I can't share my achievement with my family so i thought i would say yey I HAVE BEEN CLEAN 1 MTH TODAY I have my days like i did yesterday but i have my support from everyone here thankyou. Anyone who is trying to get clean or stay clean hang in it's rough as hell but with love and support you can do it.
Thankyou Love Ings81
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CONGRATS,,,1 month and a lifetime to go,,,good for you,,stay clean and happy
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Great job! Keep up the good work....isn't it great to be clean?

Take Care!
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Congratulations that's awesome 1 month..It also equals,  I, 720hrs - 43,2000min. and 2,592,000.sec ;))))) Really that is great.. lesa
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Congratulations.  This is great news.  Keep fighting and moving forward.  Stay strong   sara
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Congratulations! Of course we care here and will continue to support you . Be proud of yourself and stay strong..never let your guard down..thanks for posting..
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Congratulations on your 30 days!!!  That is quite an achievement.  

I'm wishing you many more months drug free!

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congrats to you.
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congratulations :) keep up the good work and i know you will make it !
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Good job ings!  I was in the same boat as you.  I'm still in the closet!  Thought about shouting it out to the world after detox, but the shame is still there.  My secret!
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I have been clean for 5 days........suffering as hell...........How long does it last the weakness and emotional breakdown!
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Congrats!!!  WE are here to share your excitment...SO proud of you!!!!
stay strong...
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congrats, i know you've heard that a few times today, i feel yah, i'm also married gonna be 26 on the 16th of august. Not to happy about that for some odd reason, usually i'm a little selfish on my b-day,considering its the only day out of the year i can call mine. i'm also a drug addict in the closet, i work for my family, the family buisness and its the third time i;ve been hired and they think i'm doing great hmmm maybe i should have been an actor?lol
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Congratulations Ings!  Great accomplishment!!
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yoo hoo! share every day with us but at least every month...those are acheivemnts to be proud of..then the 3 months and 6 month...then u r an "old clean person"   48 years oid but 7 months a clean person  LOL
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YAY for you!!!!

I didn't have anyone to share with either.

Passed withdrawal off as "the flu".

It's hard to feel such GREAT acheivement and not be able to share.
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Month one is great! Your 2nd month will go even better. Congratulations!
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That is SUCH an amazing feat!  I look up to you and I hope to be you one day.
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