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Dominosarah, is 500 DAYS CLEAN, AWESOME~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Sarah - 500 days is awe-inspiring!  You have made it so far .. Its amazing and all I can say is WOW.. You rock!!!
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Sarah - -   You have always been there with support and kind, intelligent words for me............you have frequently made that difference between pity and introspection, that is so necessary, just a little bit easier to perform.....      Thanks for being you!!    And congrats  on your milestone of 500 days!  may the next 500 just fly right on by.................
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WOW!!! 500 Days Good for you!! I am venturing into the triple digits tom and it's so inspiring to see sm1 that keeps on moving further and further away from their DOC!! You post so much advice and give back to so many ppl on here YOU truly are an inspiration!!! WAY TO GO SARAH
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Congratulations my friend, thanks for all of the support you have given me!

2 years will be here before you know it!

Always Keep that GUARD UP!!!!!!
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Congratulations Sara :) 500 days is awesome.. I'm so so Happy for you and owe you so much for the unconditional support you have given to me.. and the time and support you give to the forum.. You truly are a wonderful individual.. I'm very Proud to call you my Friend !! love ya lesa
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500 days WOW!! You are a true gift to me Sara. I have come to admire you and have learned much from your wisdom. Luv ya!

Dancing high heels on and I am shaken it, moving it, ooops.......

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Congrats sara!!! Happy dancing in Amsterdam for you!!!

You are a true inspiration and a true support to a lot. As said before, you're The Oracle of this forum.

Keep on keeping!!!
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First i want to say CONGRATS to addict3 on 500 plus days too!!!  He is 6 days ahead of me and has always been my rock.........

Thank you just doesnt seem enough to say.  My journey has been long and hard at times but everyday i wake up there is hope now.  Such a good feeling.  My sobriety is the #1 priority in my life and i guard it with everything i have.  I have cried a lake and i have laughed a ton and thru it all i kept my eye on the prize.....ME.  Thank you to each and everyone of you for being apart of my journey......sara

Now i am going to put on my stilettos and nothing else and happy dance up and down the street!!!!!!!!!!

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We all hold the key that unlocks the chains that have kept us down......You can do it!!!
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you know how proud of you I am:)
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WOW! I too am very proud of you lady. You have come a long, long way and have helped many here while you continued to work on your recovery. That is what it is all about and you are a great example.

Keep coming back!

BIG HUGS........
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You truly are my hero!  Congratulations!
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Ok then I am right beside you! Dancing in the streets!!

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congrats.  You are amazing.  

I feel bad because I disagreed with you on another thread, just wanted to say that I am sorry and am totally in awe of your success.  I am just getting started and am so appreciative to be amongst strong people like yourself.

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COngrats on 500 days! You are one of the most helpful people on here and always take the time to respond to people's posts and genuinly respond. That is really admirable. I appreciate you commenting on my journals and posts and trying to help me. COngrATS on your 500 days, that is beyond amazing and you deserve it!
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WOOHOO!!!! Congrats Sara!  You are quite the inspiration and an amazing person!  I'm so glad I've been able to know you and to be on the receiving end of your amazing and compassionate (and honest) support!  

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Thank you to everyone........I am 500 days clean and pleased as punch but each day is a new beginning for me.  I have kept a journal of my days and i found this piece in my journal, it was from my horoscope on day 2 of my wd's and came from good ole Dr Suess....."Your in a mood to strut and you have good reason to do so.......Look at me now,look at me now, its fun to have fun you just have to know how".  It was so fitting for me at that time and still is.  Now if i could just find the cat in the hat i would be sitting pretty dam good!!!!  LOL
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