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CT Day 1 Need Support

Its funny how you forget what the WD's are like until it hits you.  I'm on day one CT off Oxys and the WDs have started big time.  This is nothing I haven't done before but its taking everything inside me to keep myself at home and get through this.  Last pill was 4pm yesterday, thats like 16 hrs, right? Gotta keep going forward. Please help with support.
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welcome to the forum and a new way of life.You are taking the first steps of life without drugs.Like many of us on this site.we can beat this disease of addiction .There is alot of support and helpfull methods of recovery .right here.I do remember CT WDs And I know it is not easy however it can be done and you dont have to do it alone,stay connected keep posting and no mater what dont pick up.Trust god, clean house ,help others.and life gets better one day at a time.Good luck my brother I will say a prayer for you
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Hang in there, keep yourself occupied, you've been there before and know what's coming.
Make a special memory of this and make it your last W/D. I hope you have all of your stuff to help you through, just gotta wait it out now.

Force fluids, make yourself eat and exercise....walk, move around, do something besides lay there and think about how bad you feel......you'll be O.K.
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You will get there sweetie~
Still feel very bad but better than yesterday~
You can do it rock~these people here are angels & they all help so much.
I am coming off lortabs approx. 21/2 yrs. taking them.
Never going back again~:)
Glad you are here
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I feel so alone, I usually have my ex helping me through thtis but she wont come over.  I am begging her with all my heart to be here, by my side but it is just killing me emotionally that she says she cant.  I've never had to do this alone before and everything is so much worse. Please help, I just need to get through today..........
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you are not alone!!! try taking a hot bath or shower. that should help to slow things down and help you relax. you've done this before and you can do it again. just breath, stay calm. do you like music? put on something you like to listen to, or get out of the house for a shile. go for a walk, to the gym if you have one. don't let your mind get the best of you. stay strong you can do this!!!
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Praying for you. If you have not gotten dressed yet today or have not gotten out of bed, do so.  I know it helped me out today.  I am getting off hydrocodon. I had surgery on my back and when I stopped taking them because I did not need them for pain anymore, my body did not like that move at all! I went on line and was led to this site and boy did people describe what I was going through. Who knew!!! I am just at the starting line and scared.  I will pray for you throughout the day and you do the same!  Hang on and let's live!!!
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So much of this is mental. They best way to get through the mental part right now is by keeping your mind occupied. You can't just lay in bed or on the couch all day and wait for the withdrawals to pass. Doing this will give your mind a chance to run wild. When our mind runs wild we always go back to thinking about running out and getting some pills. Do your best to keep your daily schedule the same. If you can, even try and go to work. I've had to work while going through withdrawals in the past and believe it or not, it really did help. I have a physical job so it also helped me get some exercise. Now don't go if you are so out of it that it will put your coworkers safety at risk. Only you can make that call.

My main point here is that you have to keep your mind occupied. Rent some funny movies, pick up a good book, do a jigsaw puzzle, go for a walk, anything to keep your mind from wandering.

Have you went out and purchased any of the supplies from the amino acid protocol? If not you really need to. They honestly do help. Also be sure you are eating healthy and pushing the good fluids such as water, gatorade, juice, etc. Be sure you are getting some exercise. I know it can be hard to muster up the energy to do so but force yourself even if it's just a short walk around the block. You will eventually find yourself going further and further each time.

Most importantly keep a strong mindset. This is a fight for your life so treat it as such. You know you can't take these pills forever and you will eventually have to go through withdrawals so why not get it over with now? The worst of the physical withdrawals last just under a week. What's one week of your life? It's such a short amount of time. Lean on this forum for support and fight like you've never fought before. You can do this!

Best of luck.

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Thanks I am tappering off and not sure how.  I am getting up and moving around, just lying in bed waiting for all hell to break out is not working for me, infact it scares me my mind goes dark. Thanks for the post.
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Man this is tough...what the helll do  i put myself throught his for.  This is very emotional for me right now, is it really worth to go through this when there is no one waiting for me on the other side.  This is nothing like before, how long is this crap supposed to last...thanks for all the comments and advice i really hope i can make it through the next day..good luck to ya'll
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You can do this and there is someone on the other side, it is YOU! Live, live, live!
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need support please!!!! I am going nuts right now, the WDs are horrible need words of encouragement!  PLEASE! someone
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There is someone after this, that is you. Pray, pray, pray.
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I'm on day 8 and I'm starting to feel alot better. I dont know if your religious or whatever and dont want to offend you but what helped me most was praying. I got rid of my friends and just prayed alot. I felt alone too but your not alone I realized. A higher being wants to help you. I also prayed for new friends because I was so alone and I just met a girl at the Dr's office,the nurse, so she knows about my problem and accepted me and we talked for a long time. Were gonna hang out now. I got into reading The Bible. All the stories of The Lord helping those and blessing them in many different ways that the person needed. I thought if I just get through this addiction I can do anything with my life,great things! Good things have happened to me so far and I pray for my life to continue to improve. I'm telling you my story because I feel your story. I would cry because I felt I was all alone and nobody cared. I didnt have one single positive thought in my head. I balled because i thought "I cant do this" and "how have I become so weak" and "how did I let myself get to this point". I say so weak also because I didnt want to do anything AT ALL! No homework,work or even getting up to go to the bathroom!! I just sat on the couch and watched tv with all the lights off and time would go by so slow. But I'm telling you if I can do it,anyone can do it. I also repeated some phrases over and over out loud to try to get my mind right. I said "I will be sober" over and over. At first my memory phrase was "I hate drugs" over and over but I read in repeating phrases that there cannot be a negative word. It's supposed to change your thoughts. It's not gonna hurt to try. Many people just like you have done this,its not impossible. You can do this! Tell yourself that! Because you can. Remember "If you think you can or can't; your always right" Tell me your situation if you want. You live by yourself or with others? How long were you with your girl and how many times was she there for you when you quit before? Age? You can tell me whatever brother. More information maybe the more options I can suggest. Also this website was helpful,reading others posts about success/failure or their stories gave me confidence and knowledge. I was told from a friend that plan on 3 days of hell (practically 4 for me) and after that it slowly gets better. For now think just 3 days of this crap,set small goals you can reach. You have to do this now! You cant be a slave to this drug the rest of your life. You got yourself in this hole so now you gotta get yourself out. You can't spend your money on that crap,think of how much you've spent just to feel better for a few hours. Taking the drug is just a band aid bro,you'll be in the same position tomorrow with less money and a day you could have marked sober. Life is so much better without that ball and chain,ya its still hard but it feels good to be sober and feel some natural happy. You gotta do this for your future! I'm doing homework now so I'm on the computer. Ill keep this page open and check it often. Stay Strong!
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Man that was the longest post I've ever done! I just feel your pain,I was in the same boat a week ago and I joined this website. You need to know you can go sober,life can still be hard at times but also be great,life is what you make it but with a drug addiction life *****! I was just thinking of my next high when I was high. It will be so nice for you when your able to go somewhere for the day without the BS of getting drugs. You don't have to meet anyone or any of that crap. You'll honestly feel free!
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Thanks for the post I just stayed in bed all night and went through the hell but I'm happy to say that I'm still here and doing on DAY 2.  Thank you for feeling what I felt and your post did wonders to lift my spirits this morning.  I feel a littlee bit better than yesterday and your words did something to give me a little boost.  Please keep posting people because I'm still not quite there yet.
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Hi rock...I know what you're going through.  The last time for me I had my wife with me to help me through the hard times of the WD's.  I'm divorced now and going through this all over again ALONE!!!  I came to this site and OMG what a difference.  We are NOT alone, there are so many wonderful, caring, nonjudgmental people here it truly is inspirational.  I'm on Day 6 after taking 10-14 Norcos a day and I can tell you it DOES get better.  If you need us we are for you, ANYTIME.  Good luck my brother and you are in my prayers....Dave
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Thank you for comments, your situation sounds similar to mine.  Good job on getting to day 6, wish I could be theere.  I know everyone says it always gets better but you never see it while your in the moment.  This really ***** and is brutal on the body and mind.  I hope I can make it.  Any way good luck and thnks.
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You can do it! Feel good about making day 1. I know during this time there's not much to feel good about but your on the right path.
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