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Can cocaine abuse cause permanent PVCs?

I was a recreational cocaine abuser (at peak 1g/week) for about 2 years. After being sober 4 weeks (and having taken steps to never abuse again), I have had 2 panic attacks, (as diagnosed by my dr. and ER staff), and now have PVCs, which I first noticed after a panic attack while sober. 24 hour holter showed 2900 PVCs in 24 hours. I can exercise as normal, and have no shortness of breath. Both primary and cardiologist say my heart sounds fine, and i have a stress test and echo scheduled friday.
In your opinion, would these PVCs be caused by cocaine use, and permanent? They're giving me considerable anxiety.
In addition, my primary care dr. also prescribed me a low dose of xanax, if i feel another attack coming on (which I have not taken, as I'd rather not be using ANY drugs). So I'd say from that he's reasonably sure everything is stress/anxiety related, but I, obviously, am very nervous about my heart and the PVCs.
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Did you ever find an answer? Do you still have pvcs
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