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Can dxm make you sterile?

I have used dxm, recreationally for almost two years now. Initially taking 240mg doses on occasion, progressing to 960mg doses daily over the course of a year. One time, i took a 1350mg dose. (note that up to this point all doses have been pills) after a two month break i started taking 1068mg doses in syrup form on occasion. This has not changed in about six months. Now, getting to my question, my wife recently told me that she read an article claiming that high doses of dxm can render a man sterile. Is this true? Could prolonged recreational use of dxm make me sterile? Ive looked this up and can find no information on the subject, so anything is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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I would not worry about the sterile effect as long as  the other Risks posted by the use of Dxm that can be life threatening are there. Decreasing the quality of life in general should be the next priority to maintain the life itself.. However, in relation to what you have asked, the chemical works in a manner to make your brain fully believe that you are sexually okay and going to do well, or mostly deals with the thought from appearing. It is the mental aspect that is dangerous. And it is not just sex, it may be about more delicate activities such as driving your car or any other social activities, where you may just want to hold back before it is too late to respond, and mostly with DXM one unfortunately misses the line of limits at some point of time.And in the meantime before it seems to have already developed the thoughts followed with behavior that supports the habit and goes against anything that tries to curb it, pulling you deeper and deeper in its trap of reality. The reality that may not be relevant and healthy in order to make good use of this precious gift of life bestowed  upon you. You must aim to get yourself clean in total from this chemical. And the process after you get clean will make you aware of the fact that exaggeration of your reason is not stronger than truth in a plain voice. You must seek the help of a professional healthcare to help you deal with the situation you are in. And there are many wise people out here who can provide you with very smart solutions as well, in order to help you with the process of getting clean, as well as support you in the process of you recovery. However, efforts are to be made on your side. Dxm covers you in a sort of attitude and behavior, that your loved ones or friends may prefer not to say anything against you or the habit, or the best they cannot understand whats going on, or is it just the natural deliberate fooling around. It is good on part of your wife, to lay a foundation somewhere to address your problem. Such love is to be respected. I wish you all the best in your journey for a clean healthy life.
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