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Can it be heroine that my husband is smoking?

I've been with my husband for about 12 years now, a few years back he got addicted to pain pills and everything went downhill from there, I tried to get him help but he didn't want it he ended up going to prison for seven years and had no choice but to quit cold turkey he recently got out and went right back to taking pills. Although now I think he's possibly doing something else I've heard he's smoking heroine....I've found pieces of paper which I don't even know if you can smoke anything off paper but the paper had brown like burn marks on it and smelled musky a strong odor can't even explain it..could it be that????
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Hello & Welcome,
What a BIG drag that he had that much clean time in. That is why we highly recommend aftercare-support from groups or others. It could be the H or even some meth-crank in my days that he is smoking. Addiction is a DISEASE and we can not go it alone. Try to find some info on Addiction and even Addiction and the Brain. There are TONS of videos out here now days that maybe he will watch.When I came clean back in 2012 I spend yrs researching all of this. This info will help you understand a bit more on the why's we can get addicted to things so easier then others ,and all the brain chemistry that gets altered, has alot to do with why we do the things we do, or how hard it is to get off this ride. This disease is a BAD one! It will take work from him to come clean & stay clean. First the addict has to ADMIT he/she has a problem. There is help and education out here on all of this. Sometimes we can have depression, board-em/lonely, anxiety or just plan oh want to escape the world. Most of us liked the UP feeling these type of drugs gave us and the Energy we had gotten from them. However, this is no way to live life and when one realizes this they can get the help they need. I sure hope & pray he will get help!
I do wish you all the best and we are here for you. Keep checking back, I am sure others will chime in.
Thank you for your comment. I understand it's a disease and I'm willing to help him out in any way i can in order for him to get & stay clean. As he says he wants to be. Now as far as what he has smoked maybe it could be what you say or H which i hope it is not H. Either way I would want my husband to get help and i know he cant do it alone but i can only ask him to stop and cant make him do it. As long as he doesn't truly want to stop no rehab program will ever work. I can only pray for the best and be as understanding as possible to keep our family together..
You sound very smart about this and very centered. Great to hear it. Check out alanon, you remember that so many others are going through the same thing. Things will become clearer, too:)
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Very sad. Please get into alanon NOW.  Do not threaten, beg, plead or question him, it's useless. You will be having to make a decision. You'll need to rely on the strength you have,not hoping for the man "you know he can be." That guy doesn't exist right now. Good luck to you.
It is sad. We have kids and i hate that these pills have taken over him  the point that pills are hus only focus and nothing else gets done such as him working and providing for our family. He says he realizes it's a problem and wants to stop but i dont know, like i tell him it sounds good and all but i dont gp by what you say i go by what you do. I've told him i gave myself a  time limit if he hasn't stopped by then or at the least gone into rehab or something then I'm not waiting any longer specially after 7 years of being clean. It's not fair to me or our kids. We will see how it plays out i guess..thank you for your comment.
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