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Can they keep me from tapering off methadone? MMT clinic

     I am currently in a situation where there is no doctor at my methadone maintenance treatment facility, so they say without a doctor they can't let me lower doses. They have been operating for 3 months without letting anyone new into the program, not allowing anyone to taper off, increase dosage, or to get step ups in program ect. I currently have an AMAZING job opportunity that can change my life for the best. However it conflicts with clinic hours on many days of the week. Despite the job I have been wanting off methadone anyways, because I've been clean for 8 months now and feel so strong and confident about tapering off and living a clean life with a great career.

     However anytime I ask for some way to taper off methadone the director and I ended up in a yelling arguement because he denies me tapering but always says I have the freedom to leave the program anytime I want (cold turkey). He did not work here when I started the program, and the previous employees informed me I could TAPER off whenever I wanted to. Now I feel so stuck with no options! The director hates me... He makes fun of me for talking quickly because of my anxiety that he provokes, he says I only talk quickly and get anxious because I used to use heroin. Except I was diagnosed with acute anxiety disorder and was taking small doses of Xanax for it long before my heroin addiction or treatment. This is only a single case of a handful of the director of this clinic mocking me. My question: Can they legally keep me from tapering off methadone? I don't want to wait another 3-6 months waiting for a new doctor to decide to move to our insignificant town, and i don't want this opportunity I have to pass me by! I hardly have any options, so I am not sure what I can or should do. This place used to be so special. Now all but 1 employee has quit and been replaced, and it is a nightmare they won't let me out of. If you know the rules or laws behind this please inform me it would help me immensely! thanks a ton in advance this means everything to me and the clinic doesn't seem to acknowledge it.
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Hi there-
It doesn't sound like a very therapeutic facility and I know they need to have a doctor there to oversee the community. Do you have a doctor currently? What dose of methadone are you on now?
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Yeah the doctor left and they are just keeping everyone where they are with no changes anywhere until they find one. They tell me once they get a doctor i can ask to taper, but after 3 months I'm losing hope because this job opportunity won't wait for me forever. I had saw a doctor a good while ago, maybe a year and a half or more when I actually had a bit of trouble with my anxiety daily. However I didn't see them much, and they certainly didn't know about my heroin use. I'm on 60mg daily for almost 8 months. I was kinda stubborn about dose increasing much because from the start i knew i didn't want to be on the program for more than short term. This clinic was not this way when i joined. I used to tell people i saw walk into the clinic how great and a life-saving facility it was, because I wanted to remove their doubt about joining. Now I regret my words. The entire staff changes and thus the entire atmosphere was completely destroyed. At least this is my current opinion on the place.
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If you want to taper off you should be able to do it! It's almost criminal that you can't! It makes me angry for you.

Can you try to get to a private doctor to help you here? Many physicians can prescribe methadone and should be able to help you with a taper. Do you think you can do that at home with a prescription? You sound committed although tapering is hard for a lot of people. It's totally doable though and you're not on a really high dose so you should do fine.

Other than that you don't have any choice unless you want to just stop cold turkey which would be rough.   I think finding a doctor privately is your best bet.
I haven't gone through withdrawals in so long, so cold turkey just sounds awful and honestly really intimidating... no matter how much i want this whole chapter in my life to finish I don't think i could convince myself to go cold turkey. I googled my town earlier because I've been searching for solutions. There's a couple doctors that may do methadone according to the search - which i might just have to look into. There's a different clinic 2 hours away that might take me, but getting to work on time and gas money has deterred me from going that route yet.
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