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Cannabis Induced Anxiety

I'm a sixteen year old male with no mental health issues, I do get a tiny bit anxious around new people but I wouldn't say that's a major factor. I recently have had a lot of pressure and anxiety the past two, three weeks due to exams and trouble with friendships, relationships etc. I have smoked cannabis a couple of times before, feeling hardly any effects, maybe enhanced happiness but that's it. I smoked it again at the weekend, Saturday to be precise and had the worst experience of my life. The high started off as a tingly feeling, enhanced senses but then quickly deteriorated into my body feeling like it was burning inside and I had a (in my opinion) a severe panic attack. I literally thought I was going to die. The rest of that day, I calmed myself down with a movie and went to sleep, the following Sunday, I stayed at home and didn't feel any effect until night, where I was slightly anxious for no reason. Today is Monday and I went to school. I had a panic attack at school today, pretty minor stuff. Luckily I left the classroom before I had it as I was feeling really dizzy and had tunnel vision. I think I got anxious after my body started tingling again, afraid I was going to have another experience like I did on Saturday. At home, I switch between feeling really anxious to pretty relaxed. My body still tingles and get minor pains in a few places which for some reason (as much as I say to myself no) I think I'm going to have another attack. I am literally anxious about being anxious and I can't help it. My heart hasn't stopped beating significantly faster than usual since the morning. I'm worried the cannabis has had a big impact on my psychological health or is this me just being anxious again. I keep telling myself that once I purge my body of the THC, it'll be all good but then I think it'll last forever, it's all confusing. Don't give me a lesson on how bad drugs are etc. I won't be taking anything for a while after this experience. In conclusion, I tried cannabis, had a panic attack and is now scared it has had some long term effect on me. How long do you think it'll last? Anyone share their scientific input?  
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Hello and welcome.    I read (on here) that today's cannabis is much, much stronger than what we used to smoke years ago.   I haven't smoked in about 25 years because it got to the point that I didn't enjoy it any more because it made me super paranoid.   I would smoke it and all I could do was think about all the bad things that could possibly happen in my life.    I grew my own because I was already paranoid about what it might have been sprayed with, and I wanted it organic.   I grew quite a bit and sold it...mostly to my friends' bridge group, etc.    The last time someone offered me a joint...about five years ago, I didn't even smoke it.   The bad experiences I had in the past still kept me from it.    Do you think that possibly it could have been laced with something else?    The friend of mine who offered me the joint that I didn't smoke, laces it with cocaine.  
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Hey....and welcome.  Not here to lecture, because at 16 I was doing the same thing, however, I wanted to ask you a question. Are you sure it was weed? Was it yours, or did someone share what they had with you? Are you sure it wasn't laced (like a clickum or something)....or possibly that salvia crap? Whatever it's called....the FAKE weed?  I've never known weed to last for days so to me, this doesn't sound like just weed would be my concern.  
It's good to see that you can acknowledge at such a young age that anxiety can be somewhat frightening....but we can make it a bit easier.  Good luck to you.....but I'd be very careful who I got my "stuff" from.
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I agree, I can definitely see weed causing this type of reaction while on it or maybe shortly after but if you are having this experience days later then it is very possible this was either laced or mixed with something else. Just as a side note, I used to smoke a lot and realized eventually that my anxiety levels actually seemed to increase and not decrease from it (obviously with exceptions which is why I continued to smoke). Everyone is different though and I'm not here to preach but perhaps you will find yourself more comfortable if you stay away from weed in general to avoid any anxiety issues that it may cause (again, I'm not saying it causes anxiety for everyone but it can for some).
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