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Cannot even Begin

Wow. I joined the community less than a week ago and have found so much support just by reading all of the responses.  I am trying to psyche myself up to go thru the first and most important stage, withdrawals.

Each day, I come up with an excuse that I'll start another day, have too much to do today, etc
I have done this 3 times already, for only a period of 3 days at most

By reading all of these posts, i am so scared, because everyone says that days 4-5 are the roughest.  I just don't know how to begin
No one, absoulutely no one knows that i have this problem.  I am a chronic pain sufferer, due to DDD disease and
bulging L5.  I understand getting off the meds is a great feat in itself, but what do you do with the orignal pain
that makes you not functional.  Maybe THAT is whay I am truly afraid of

I am in constant pain, my job requries sitting in one positon for 8 hours.  I do get up each 1/2 hour just to strecth,
but the pain is there and NOT in my head.  What alternatives does one have for pain control.  I do not take these
Norco ever to get 'high'   10/325 aprox  11-13 tabs now per day  (down from 15 per day)

I am afraid I will have a heart attack going thru this.  I am home alone most of the time, I live with my adult children, however they are rarely home.  I am terrified of just BEGINNING.  Always find an excuse to start
another day.  

Any advice or kick in the butt, may be helpful, before I am damage my organs and outlook on life.  It definitely
is a priority.  I wake up, pour a cup of coffee and take 3 1/2 Norcos, just to begin the day

And if I do not have the Norcos, I am restless, irratible, and inablility to even THINK.  Plus the pain is so bad that I do not even want to stand up to go to the bathroom

PLEASE HELP.. Thank you, you are all great inspirations, I just wish I  could be one of the members that would START
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talking to your family first is a good place to start if people know what you are going through you dont have to go through it on your own, and i think you cant go through this one alone or you wouldnt be here seeking help.

They love and care for you and will give you all the support you need. cut down just take 10 one day 5 the next then 2 then stop. im not saying this is the waay to o it as i am no doctor and i am not going through what you are but it may be something to think about.

I wish i could help you more, you are in my prayers xxx
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Sorry about your pain issues. I usually don't post on threads when pain is the issue as I just used to use and didn't have pain on top of it so can't relate. Sundays are slow on the forum but I'll help as much as I know. Most of the folks on here with chronic pain issues post that after time opiates no longer work on pain. I know when I detox, I feel aches and pains that weren't bothering me too much and it seems to be my body readjusting and causing an increase in pain for a short time. Then it goes away. In the upper right of the forum page where it says health pages you can click your mouse and read Thomas Recipe, Amino acid proticol and PAWS 1. These will help get you started. I would also try to get my family involved. I first came on here in March and posted that I would die before I told anyone. I didn't have any legit pain issues and noone knew I was taking pills but the people I told are a tremendous support. Best of luck and God bless. Corey
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congrats...you are taking the biggest step in this process (in my opinion) which is wanting to quit.  i can relate to how you are feeling....i also have chronic pain due to my kidneys, arthritis and osteoporosis.  i was in a similar situation, where i wanted to quit but just didn't think i could....i have a lot to do in a day and i remember thinking, "i have so much to do, i can't do it without the percocets"  i came up with excuses in order to justify my usage. also, i was afraid of the pain that i would go through without the pills.   i was forced to quit by my primary doc. and was put on the suboxone/opiate withdrawl program 9 months ago.

i am now almost tapered off the suboxone and i have been finding different avenues to help with my chronic pain.  talking to my therapist helps a lot and i am also taking a class called MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) which was started in 1979 by a gentleman named Jon Kabat-Zinn for people with chronic pain.  it helps me deal with my chronic pain more effectively through breathing techniques, meditation and gentle yoga.  (if interested, just google in Mr. Kabat-Zinn's name for more info and classes in your area)  it has made a world of difference!!  i am just sharing what has worked for me!! :)

you are welcome to pm me anytime if you need to chat, etc.  i wish you the best of luck....you have come to a wonderful place for support and comfort!! :)  i will keep you in my prayers!!  and always remember, YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!  take care!! xxxxxxx
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My back is fully trashed in three distinct places from a negative parachute experience, a boat crash, and a car wreck....also plenty of arthritis.......no problem getting pain meds - - - I have been clean for just over a year -- - - - Pain is not as bad as it was during the pill days...........Actually feel much better than when I was pill'ed up all the time....still looking for answers to the pain, but I am also finding some answers.................And life is so much better than it was while zonked out..............good luck to you - - my habit atsrted innocently enough during Vietnam days and that was a while back.....dont even want to hear how its been too long to quit!!!  Just get it done.......you will ot regret it - - -
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