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Cant get Heart Rate Down

Had to work on snowblower, frustrated. Shoveled 3 inches of heavy slush out of driveway. Been tapering Valium for 4 months down to 2.5mg now for 4-5 days. HR was 141 when I came in 3 hours ago. Its 99 bpm now, does tapering Valium do this? Saturday night, dont say go to the hospital, thats not going to happen if I'm able to stand. I would have to be unconscious to see those quacks Took metoprolol 10 hours ago
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Hi Barry 60-100 bmp is a normal range.
Obviously your increased activity as well as your anxiety from tapering
Definitely could cause your Increased rate.
It has gone down as you rest so that is good.
What is your bp?
How do you feel?
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Hey, yeah not doing too good tonight. right now bp 151/90 hr 104.okay,, checked hr again 96 now the 104 was 3 minutes ago. headache. hr has been high for a few days. that is resting. Does Valium do all this? Sorry to be a sissy. I cant believe how hard it is to get off valium. My brother thinks I'm taking just enough to keep the w/d symptoms alive.

thanks atthebeach, I sure have been fortunate to have you lead me through this

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is metoprolol the only bp med you are prescribed?
Have you been taking them as prescribed through your detox?
You are doing great. Yes it is necessary to continue your taper.
It does take many months or even years to properly taper benzos.
You are getting there. Don't quit yet another 3 weeks or a  month
And you will be free.
Keep the faith.
Sending Prayers,
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no, I'm supposed to take lisinopril and metoprolol. I don't take either one. I stayed on Plavix for 18 months and Simvastatin for 3 years until I tore a muscle. I had a reaction to lisinopril, hives. The metoprolol makes your heart go crazy if you miss a dose and might be the cause of this headache. I take as needed. All that stuff has horrible side effects.

Are you a nurse or something?

Thanks Again,
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Hi Barry,

I am a nurse. You should take your medication as it has been prescribed.. What is written on the label. Medications that should be taken daily should not be ceased abruptly. If you are confused about how to take any of your medication(s) or have any side effects please consult your pharmacist or dr.

I hope I haven't broken any rules in posting the above.
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Barry  its very important keep bp down and heart rate. I don't think after all tapering and detox you don't need stroke or heart attack. So take meds. At very least half a pill. Please.
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