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Changed date on vyvanse perception

Ok, so I changed the date on my Vyvanse perception from 2/10/20 to 2/20/20. Because my doctor writes me 3 perceptions in advance and tells me to not show the front desk them.. because that’s not the proper way of doing that. She’s usually really good about her dates but i took my last pill 3/7/20 and I wasn’t sure they would fill that perception since it was so far out and I was scared of getting her in trouble.. I live 2 hours from my doctors office because there isn’t one closer so she does it to help me out so I don’t have to make a 2 hour drive every month.. I am a college student.. well I took it to Walmart to get it filled. The lady took the perception, typed some stuff in, put a bar code on it and put it in a scanner looking thing and asked if I wanted to wait for it.. I said yes. So I waited.. about 5 mins later I get a call from them, saying there was an issue with the date on my perception and that they would have to verify it with the doctor, however they called my doctors off (she didn’t say if she left a message or not) but she said it wouldn’t be able to be verified until Monday because they were closed.. I just asked for my perception backed and talked to the pharmacist when I went back.. some other had the perception in her hand and was talking to another girl.. they didn’t know I was right there.. however I do believe I heard (she probably changed the date) I mentioned that my doctor has made mistakes with the date in the pass and I’ve never had an issue.. (which is true) anywho the pharmacist said.. “not at this location” I filled a few perceptions here in the pass but I use Kroger and Walgreens just depends on where I’m at.. anyways I mentioned that I don’t always use this pharmacy. And she said, usually when they mess up they verify it by initialing it.! Which my doctor hasn’t ever done.. and I usually don’t have a problem.. but she told me to “try another pharmacy maybe” but I said “if y’all wouldn’t take it I’m sure a different pharmacy wouldn’t. I just told her I’ll call my doctor.. and kinda rudely said I wouldn’t use that pharmacy anymore.. anyways.. i tore up the perceptions and got rid of it.. I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday anyways. I was just planing to go without, and just wait until then because technically she never wrote me a perception for this month.. but I starred to think about what if they left a message? And they verify it and see that the date was change? At the doctors office! I’m not sure if they left a detailed message or a message at all. But even if they gave me the perception back would they still have it on file? Or documented? Since they did scan it? The only one who has record of that perception is my Doctor because she writes it in my chart. I’m not sure if the front desk staff are aloud to look at that. But anyways. They usually copy each perception the doctor gives you when you leave the visit.. since she gives them to me ahead of time she tells me not to show them so they don’t have a copy of it.. bur I was going to go in there and if she asked if I was out I tell her yes.. and if she asked about the perception verification I was just going to tell her they wouldn’t fill the perception because her “10” looked like a “20” but they wasn’t sure.. so they had to verify it.. (not knowing what the pharmacy told them) id tell her I took it back.. and scared that they might of thought I altered it I went ahead and distorted the perception because I didn’t want me or anyone to get in trouble. And I didn’t want to take it to another pharmacy and tell fill it and something comes back with the date being altered which and they would get in trouble.. not really sure what I should do? Should I make up the lie tell the true to my doctor? But what happens if she calls the pharmacy back on Monday and tells them the date was changed? What will happen to me? Does the pharmacy still have the copy they scanned in? Nothing comes up when I look online. It only shows pass perceptions.. am I okay since I distorted it? Idk what to do someone help
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I was reading your post for the 3rd time and I'm still a bit confused with the dates that you posted.  I am going under the impression that you ran out early of your vyvanse  and tried to change the date on the following prescription to get the meds early....is this correct?

If it is, then yes, the pharmacy will have a copy of the prescription and yes, they will more than likely notify your doctors office.  They said there was a problem with the date so I would think that's what they would ask the dr.  You've gotten yourself in quite the pickle.  IMO....I would resign yourself to the idea that you may get in some type of trouble for this.  Since you didn't GET the prescription, possibly not legal trouble, but if they notify the dr that you changed the date, then she could refuse to continue treating you.  Are you giving thought to the fact that you ran out early, which usually means your taking more than your supposed to?  Why are you doing this?  Do you have a problem with these pills?  

Your story seemed to be written from fear, and I believe you have every right to be scared.  You tried to do something you knew you weren't supposed to and basically got called on it.  I'm not sure being pro-active would help the situation either.  I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it's NOT the end of the world.  You won't die.  

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