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Chantix, does it work

After i kick this hydro to the curb I want to stop smoking.  have wanted to for a long time.  Does Chantix work, how well, how long did ya smoke, how many packs.  How long does it take to work.  I could use and would really appreciate any info on the matter.  I've gone cold turkey befor but this 49 year old Bird aint as tough as she used to be.  I did defer the Subloxone for hydro w/d tho after research.  Any success stories would be most graciusly received.  Thank you:
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hi  hate to be discouraging but most people i know who took it said it didn t help much at all...they are still smoking...plus it is very expensive   i want to quit smoking so much but i m a very nervous person who is substituting food for pills.  i fear if i quit smoking i ll eat even more...i need a plan.  it could work for you though...worth a try...maria
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I am quitting smoking on SUNDAY!  THIS SUNDAY.  OMG.. Very nervous, but it is a must for me.  Im not going the Chantix route as I've heard its can possibly have some sleep disturbance problems and I have weird sleep patters/rem to begin with so no thanks. I'm doing they way I do everything in life - no help, just suffer. LOL.  
We can quit smoking together... I am a definite for Sunday (yikes!) I am sure I will be a wee bit b*i*tchy on Monday when I post.. but its gotta be done.    

Mystic - you can kick the hydro and quit smoking while you do, might be easier. When I quit suboxone I got a God awful taste in my mouth for a few weeks.. It really made me NOT want to smoke.. I should have quit then.. and really cut back then.. but unfortunately when that symptom went away - I started right back up!  Good luck to you and congrats on wanting to be hydro free and cigarette free!
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Got some bad news for you. My husband and I gave it a go. It was horrible. You will have nausea, I mean nausea! It made the cigg's taste horrible but worst of all it turned my husband into a depressed, pissed off, man. If you knew my husband (who won't take a pill if he was on his death bed) Please do your research. There have been a large number of suicides from this med. And after all that we still smoked right through the whole darn thing. We are also going to stop. Not until I reach 90 days and give my brain time to re-wire. Patches for us.

Just thought you should know.

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