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Checking in - 4 years clean

I just can't seem to stay away from this place. Glad to see some of the "oldies" are still here, giving advice and support. For those of you new to this site, it is a great forum, to be used with other types of aftercare and counseling.
I hope to be here more often now; will try not to ruffle any feathers. K
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Hey Guy..WOW!!! Nice to see you on the site today. I sure do miss your awesome feedback on here!!! Man YOU were good..No sugar coating anything at all..How are your craving these days? I remember you saying that they never go away, or that they do ease up a bit, but we will always have that Addicting Brain if we touch it again..How are your thoughts these days on things?? Are you getting the Old format or the New one?? Sorry for all the questions, but YOU do not know how much YOU meant to me when I first came on this site back on 2012, as I had already 3 months in before I joined. Hey, I was voted in here as a new CL along with Dominosarah & Gnarly_1..I know WE are no better then anybody else, but we just kind of keep an eye out for things. I am sure, You remember some of those reply's that had to be deleted from all kinds of peoples feedback..Hahaha!

Anyway..CONGRATULATIONS!! 4 years already..wow it seems like it was just last month we were all on here. Keep doing whatever it is you are doing to stay clean & sober. Hope you check in more and help out around here. Hoping too, that it will pick up a bit more these days..
Bless U
Thanks. Your words mean a lot to me.  And - new format.  Weird.
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Nice to see you kyle!!  

Congrats on 4 yrs of freedom!  I am extremely proud of you~
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Try logging in and out a few times and then you should feel more at home..ha!! They have changed the format and they are still working on these changes..And some of the old things should be coming back on.

Welcome Back!!
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Good to see you Kyle and a HUGE congrats to you...4 years....just WOW!  Stick around and ruffle away! :)
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Congrats on 4 years, Kyle!!  Good to see you here.  I was JUST thinking about you a few days ago, too!  I hope you stick around.  
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Congrats on 4 years!! That's huge!!!
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Hey Hey stranger....great to see you Kyle  been a wile  congrats on 4yrs  thats huge  thanks for dropping by it gives those in the jaws of it hope....as always we can use a hand around here and would love to see you back posting...............Gnarly...................
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Congratulations on 4 years Kyle.
What a fantastic job.
I'm so glad you still keep passing by the forum.
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Glad to see you.  You really helped me when I was trying to get straight.  I just popped back in a week ago and found the new look a bit strange.  Congrats on 4 years!
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Kyle!!!  Hi there man! Grats on four years!  So glad to see you back.  Always an asset to the community brother .........bless.
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Congratulations Kyle on your 4 years !! That is Awesome !! It is always so nice to see a familiar name come up with their clean time, It never fails to make me smile !! Keep doing what you are doing and Hope to see you here more often, lesa
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Nice to see you again.  Glad you came back. Congrat's on 4 years as that is a feat unto itself.  4 years is a long damn time!  Way to go.
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Thank you all. It's been "a long, strange trip", and I'm looking forward to the future.
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Hi Kyle!  I'm not on much anymore but I check in now and then....Congrats on 4 years!!  Awesome job man!  
Good to hear from you.
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Kudos Kyle!! (I like the two K's in a row). Good to see you & great to hear about your 4 years. Well done! :)
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Awesome. Congrats on 4 years clean. That is huge.
So proud of you and very happy for you.
If I remember correctly your daughter was looking at colleges and it would be your first trip when clean.
Did she come to school in the east?
Is she almost finished?
It was great to see your name and your wonderful update.

She is going to the University of Connecticut.  Is a junior. Good memory.
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So four years wow! Its like graduation day. Heartfelt congratulations. I miss your energy on here.
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congrats on 4 years...3 and some change here :)
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CONGRATULATIONS! 4 YEARS is beautiful. I wish you all the best for your future. Your presence is motivating. .
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Nice, it gives me hope.
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