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Checking in with 11 years free

Hello everyone...just passed my 11 year mark of freedom.  I can t believe how fast the years went by.  I came here in 2008 desperate for help and answers and found the best people ever to support me and give me strength and hope.   People who cared and checked on me daily along with my family and friends.   It was a struggle at first but with each passing day became easier and I could see the light.   I m so thankful I found this forum and so many supporters.  Life is pretty wonderful right now...a new grandson is on the way.  My last grandson passed away shortly after birth and my mom died 30 days later in 2015...yes it was very hard on the heart but dealing with emotions straight up is the best.  It s so wonderful waking up every day free...best feeling ever.  
Hope everyone is well and happy.  Thank you friends for helping me live life free.  Many blessings and love  MM

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Wow Maria, that is so great. Congratulations on your success. I hope one day I will be writing the same thing. I have been reading several posts, old posts, about people who are suffering WD symptoms at days, weeks, or months clean. I don't want to know how long it took you to feel normal again, I know that is different for everyone and depends on many factors. My question to you now is, how do you feel NOW? Do you feel like you did b4 you started using meds? Is your energy back to normal? Do you have motivation and interest in life again? Right now, I have no interest in going out or doing anything. It's not the tapering because I've felt like this all during my use of Methadone. Actually, I feel like getting off the Methadone is better. Physically I'm not feeling all that much better, but mentally I definitely am. I'm still at a high dose though, higher than many people even start at, but I am now at less than 1/3 of my highest dose, so I'm proud of myself.  I just hope it is worth it as everyone says it is. I am pretty sure the pain will come back with a vengeance and that scares me. But feeling like crap still scares me even more.
Again, congratulations. Sorry for your losses. You went through so much but you obviously had the strength to get through it.
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Congratulations to you and all your hard work!  11 years is fantastic to hear.  We CAN do it!
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Congrats on 11 yrs!!!   I hit 11 in April!  We came, we conquered and we are rocking sobriety!!  I remember the passing of your grandson and mom.  The pain never goes away but dealing with our grief allows us to move on.  A new baby, how wonderful.  They really are a gift to us arent they <3.

I miss seeing you here and our chats!  So proud of you my friend....Sending love and hugs your way
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Wow, great story.
Sorry about your family sadness but so glad to see how you are handling it.
proud of you!
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Congtralations, Maria!!!  I've been seeing you around so so many years.  We sure did find MedHelp at the right time, don't you think?  

I am deeply sorry to hear about your Mom and grandson.  2015 was a sad year for you.  I agree, though, much better to be straight at a time like that in order to face the emotions head on...as devastating as they can be.    

Keep checking in, Maria.  I look forward to reading about your 12th year!    
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