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Christian addicted to lorcet

HELP!!  I am a christian who inadvertently became addicted to lorcets.  I began in December due to a back injury...and from there craved them more and more.  It's going on three months and I really want to quit.  My issue is that I cannot confide in anyone close to me about this, I work in an extremely christian envrironment, and you would think I would be comfortable confiding in one here, but that's not the case...I feel I am all alone.  I do not get the lorcets from a prescribed Dr. anymore, so it's very convenient to obtain.  I just don't know where to begin..I know to "wean" off them, but my problem is getting my mindset.  Any suggestions as to how to tell yourself "it's time and you DON'T need them"?????  
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Hi....I too am a Christian but addiction doesn't care if you are Jewish/Buddhist/Agnostic/etc. It gets you in it's grip and holds you tight! You are in the right place.  I know what you mean though, I don't think I would feel comfortable telling people in my Parish about this, I feel I would be judged as I have seen it happen to others.  This is a place where you will not be judged! You have taken a big step by just admitting you have a problem. We are here for you whatever your needs may be.  Are you trying to stop or wean and how much do you take per day?  
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Unfortunatly nobody can tell you when it is time to quit.. That has to come from within you.. And believe me you will know when it is time.. Alot of people will tell you that being so early in your addiction it should be easy to stop, but my opinion is addiction is addiction and once there it is going to be a struggle to get away from it.. If you are ready this is a great forum with alot of great people on it so stay here talk, vent, ask questions and get ready to change your life.. WELCOME
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well thank goodness our God is not judgemental and pray like crazy for His holy spirit to help you get through this no matter what route you choose to take to get off of them. Any plans that dont involve Him will not be successful. He is there for you. He loves you and He wants to help you.
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Skyfoxglitter said it all...you are the only one who can say "it's time...I don't need them" I'll be praying for you! Keep posting...very good people here!
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THANK YOU all for your words of encouragement!  I have been on lorcet going on over 3 months...up to 5/day of 10 strength (I think that's what they are, they are green and say watson 502).  I know my strength lies in the Lord and pray constantly!  I think I'm illusional that my prayer should be answered "immediately".  I'm going to start today with weaning down to 4...and take it one day at a time (then to 3 in another day or two, etc.)  I will keep you posted on my progress and will definitely "holler" for more encouragement!  Thanks again...
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Try the "Jesus Mantra" it's  "Lord Jesus Christ, son of God have mercy upon me". This truly works for strength and to help out agains withdrawls.
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Thanks for the advice...I'm not familiar with the "Jesus Mantra".  Is that all the prayer is (Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have Mercy on Me???  I did well yesterday for day 1, dropped down to 4!  One day at a time!!
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I have been a Christian most of my life since my dad was a pastor.  
Even though I've been fortunate enough to receive, and seen answers to prayer some times I'm a weak, weak man.
However, through that weakness/desperation is a real opportunity to see what God can do in the midst of a storm.
Its tough.
People can be judgemental, but through the Son of God all sins, healing, addiction, circumstances are covered at calvary.
I'm coming off the Duragesic patch after being on it seven years, so I can definitely empathize.
You may consider seeing a doctor, and prayer has been profitable for me so far.
Hope the best for you.  Remember God just loves a person no matter what they accomplish, how popular they are, how powerful, how wretched, sinful, or just plain in trouble.  He just loves us.
As just a child even though an adult I sometimes just run to Him, and pray through until I feel better.
I'll be praying for you.  Hang in there.  
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