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Clean Time Roll CALL

Okay today is a HARD day esp for me, but I am thankful that even though my family is gone they are together...I am also thankful for my first sober Thanksgiving since I was 14....
SOOO In HONOR of being THANKFUL...Lets do a roll call!!
Today i am 155 DAYS (5months 5days).
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I've just found out, today is 6 month for me! Woop woop! It's getting better all the time, thank you MH and all it's crazy occupants, love and respect to each and every one of you, ;))))
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Thanks Heather for posting this; I was hoping someone would.
Happy Thanksgiving to all, so much to be grateful for, but especially being clean.  Today I have 39 days!!  
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I am Thankful for 65 glorious clean days that I have shared with my family and friends and my MH family.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Enjoy your time with the people you love.
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148 days. Hard to believe. So worth it (what it takes to stay with it)!
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I am thankful to live to see another day, that last run was way to close.
519 days off methadone.
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500 days ;)  No mind altering substances
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245 days, and still fighting but life is good, i am so THANKFUL to all my friends and family for there help and support. I am thankful i have found this site way back when, thankful i had such caring wonderful people to help me, guide me, push me, shoot even yell and scream at me to go to rehab, if it wasn't for y'all i would have never turned my life around.  

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone, 32 days:)) and Thankful for everyone on MH... everyone have a Happy and safe holiday!!!!
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221 days!! I am so thankful for all of you wonderful people, and that I have my internet back. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Be safe, sober, and eat lots of good food!
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74 days!!!!
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Today is 21 days off methadone. Life is actually worth living now! Thank you to my new found friends for your support & encouragement. Couldn't have done it without y'all! Here's to my first clear holiday in YEARS! Salud!
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Roll call! 20 days.. =(
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Why the =( ?
you are 20 days FREE!! THATS AMAZING
if you have nothing to be thankful for be thankful that your clean, just for today!!
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115 dias
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83 days Happy Thanksgiving.....I'm thankful that today was better than I was stressed about, and most of all my mh family..Open arms I can run to.
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Congratulations! You are all doing wonderful!
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Fifty seven days.  Happy thanksgiving to you Yanks!
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Yanks!! Haha
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38 wonderful days!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Your rockin girl!
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71 days!! Happy thanksgiving!! :)
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Yay Marie!!!!!
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******96 today*******
Hope y'all made it through yesterday unscathed.
I am thankful for you ALL.
"North of the Border" hugs.
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