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Clean Time Roll Call November

Well, it's November 1st, 2017, and another month has gone by.  Let's see how much clean time we can celebrate on the MedHelp site.
My name is Melissa B (motye) and I've been clean since January 1stm 2014.  I am 3 years and 10 months clean thanks to MedHelp, recovery and my higher power.  
This is a good way to help one an other stay clean.....let's keep it going.
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Congrats on your clean time motye!!!  You are such a valued member on here as you work your program and it shows!!

I cleaned up April 28, 2008 which makes that almost 91/2 yrs clean.  I work my program the minute my feet hit the floor in the morning.  I changed my playground and playmates and surround myself with clean supportive people.  I have a sponsor who is mean as a junkyard dog but as kind as kind can be!  She is just what i need!
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Well, glad to see this. We gotta get some activity on this board! I'm Jill and I have 3 years and 4 1/2 months clean. When I look at it, I almost can't believe it. It's ONLY because I immersed myself in the program (much to my initial chagrin.) I only knew how vital aftercare was because everyone on here told me so. And boy, no punches were pulled. Which is exactly what I needed.

Melissa and Sarah, you guys are the best. I always love reading your advice. Tough chicks, yeah!:)
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Hey guys..........no opiates since August 26, 2013.  Ya I miss all the action here....it’s changed so much....sad.  Hope everyone is doing awesome! Love you all. Xo
Havent seen you in fa-eva????
Hey Melissa!
Congrats Spider .there is know better feeling in the world. Than our freedom from addiction. Proud of you Spider hugs James
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Around 8 months for me Whoo Hoo Alive and Free :) lesa
Hey Lesa!
So happy for you Lisa. Keep rocking the free world my sister  Much love and respect   James
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Congrats to everyones clean time, If i remember my tracker correctly it was somewhere around 550 days. God Bless everyone.
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Feb 2nd 2010 is my birthday! Glad to see familiar names still going strong (Lesa, Sarah, Vic, etc) Med Help was there in some of my darkest days! Love this site and everyone of you!
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665 days off Heroin 7months clean of pain meds. First time iv ever been totally clean of all opiates. So if your on day 1 or week 3 keep moving forward.. This can be done if you want it bad enough. So good luck everyone and god bless you all. Keep rocking the free world    James
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