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Clean suboxone 27 day!!!!!

I want to stop by and leave a note for the new members of this wonderful wed site, thank you for your support.  my husband, on the 11th, he is a month old, clean from the Suboxone.  My husband in 2010 was medicated with oxycodone to treat back pain, I married him in 2013, I did not know that he was already addicted to this medicine, in 2015 the state closed his health insurance, and my husband, He started using heroin, he cleaned himself, but then he returned to the pills, in 2018, he decided to seek help to stop taking the pills, I understand and from what he told me, that his dose was not high, so Suboxone arrived , was what was prescribed to "help" 16mg a day, my husband was transformed, he was totally apathetic, no sex, no laughter, always tired, so he started taking benzos, it changed for the worse, but taking benzos, he decreased the suboxone, in January 2020 I was on 2mg of suboxone and went to cold turkey of suboxone and benzo, two withdrawals at the same time, it was horrible, not so much because of the suboxone, the withdrawal of benzo was the worst, my husband spoke alone , I was shaky, a month later my husband was back on benzos, because insomnia, and anc  Age they were driving him crazy, while he was taking those pills my husband got unrecognizable, by May 2020 my husband returned to heroin, he was on it from May 2020 to September 2020, I convinced him to go back to suboxone and that this time he did things right , I would be supporting him and knowing more about what addiction was and how to get out of it, we made a plan, first to decrease the suboxone, it began in June, decreasing little by little and without taking any other drug, until October 11, it was His 3mg suboxone cold turkey, we are three days away, to meet the month, my husband is very positive, he looks happy, he has emotions on his face, he still does not feel energy, there is no sex; (but I like how he is look now, i'm happy!  ;)
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so awesome. very proud of you. how are you doing?
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my husband is one month and two weeks clean!  I am happy, and proud of him, the only thing that does not have much energy yet, every day he looks better, I am making him a lot of green juices and vitamins and amino acids, b12, magnesium, omega3, to sleep he takes a melatonin, I am always asking him how sit down and let me know if you have anxiety.
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