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Cocaine and heart health


I am a 20 year old junior in college, who used cocaine for the first time three months ago. I am worried about the possibility of having permanently damaged my heart from cocaine use. I should probably mention that I am otherwise pretty healthy and my family has no history of heart problems, and also that I have only used cocaine on 5 separate occasions over the course of 3 months. From asking my friends about precisely how much I did, I estimate that in total I have consumed slightly less than a gram of cocaine in my entire life. However, I've read articles about cocaine use which seem to suggest that cocaine in any amount will permanently increase your risk of heart attack or heart disease several-fold for the rest of your life, and that, having tried it even once, I am basically screwed.

I have already decided to never use coke again, but I am wondering if there is anything I can do to reverse the damage that cocaine may have caused my heart? Will my heart tissue heal naturally over time, and if not, then would changing my lifestyle so I always eat right and exercise regularly be sufficient to help my chances?
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Dude I dont think u did enough coke to have to worry the way it sounds like you are worrying. Granted my choice of drug is totally diffrent from yours i have used the stuff in the past i was prob. your age then, and did alot a whole lot more than u have and hven't suffered any heart issues as far as down the road i have no clue i'm not a dr but in my opinion you will be fine
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Hi there--I'm so glad you came here! That's good that you are spooked---you ought to be. I think you are probably all right this time around, but please treat your body with respect and love, as your body is a temple, a lovely thing made by God. It's always a good thing to eat well, take vitamins, and exercise. Our bodies must carry us through life, and you don't want yours impaired permanently at such a young age. There's lots of non-drug fun to have, wild fun that's even wilder than cocaine-fueled fun. Have a great life and "be there" for every moment!
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Yeah dont worry, Im 99% sure you didnt damage your heart.
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