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Cocaine urticaria/Hives/angioedema

Hi, I know this is bad but I have been a recreational drug (Cocaine) user for a year or 2. I recently though had a reaction and I got rashes (hives) and angioedema. will this be a permanent reaction now and have I developed an allergy?
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Also can this reaction affect my heart? I know the drug can but can the reaction/ antihistamines?
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I am not a doctor however, I know about cocaine and the best answer I can give you is... yes you have developed an allergy. YOU have No idea what the people you buy from, they buy from, and so on use to CUT the cocaine. They (dealers) use everything from baby laxative to rat poison. DO NOT use uncontrolled substances even WEED is laced with stuff. If you use, you are taking the chance with your life.
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yes, the same thing happened to me, I started to get hives - not only after using, but also consistently after I stopped, for over a year. Finally I got on a good prescription anti-histamine and was doing very well. Recently I slipped up and used a bit and the hives returned worse than ever, lasted over a week after only a day or two using. I'm not going to sit here and tell you you're taking a chance with your life if you SMOKE WEED like this crusader above me but yeah, most likely the hives will keep happening from the white and it could get very serious if your allergy is something that can affect your breathing (swelling in the throat) Take it as incentive to stop, it's not worth it.
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i have been having hives for the last 3 years all over my body from taking cocaine, I  have been rushed into hospital about 5 times as i had difficulty breathing and heart palpitations. They gave me antihistamines (certizine hydrochloride) and also i carry a epi pen now which holds a shot of adrenaline to help when i find it hard to breath. I didn't take cocaine from 2013-2015 and my hives very slowly started to wear off to the point where id only see a little bit of redness on my neck and forearms. Right this is where i ****** up about 6 days ago it was my 21st birthday and i was really drunk and one of my friends offered me a line of cocaine so i took it and i felt fine but the next morning i had red blotches all across my body and hives from head to toe so i took a couple of antihistamines and it died down a bit but now it is out a lot more since i took the cocaine (pretty much everyday) and people are starting to notice it themselves. So yeah if you have rashes from taking cocaine then you are definitely allergic to the substance and should never take it again.
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