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Codeine addiction

Could anybody give me the latest advice for codeine withdrawal.  I have been addicted to this drug for many years, and find it really hard to cope with the withdrawals going cold turkey.  Im ok until the 3rd day, and then I just seem to fall apart.  I thought it may be easier to taper off slowly, by getting the meds from a pharmacy, like they do with the meth program, doing it slowly so it is not such a shock to the system.  I am going to the doctor next week to see if this is possible.  Can anybody give me advice from their own experiences.  Cheers
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Hi there hope you are doing fine. I hope you have not used the chemical from the day you went cold turkey. As it starts the cycle again. And makes it harder to quit again. Especially when you have had the awakening and the thought process started and going on. Realizations about why should or anyone for that reasons should not be doing codeine or any drug for that instance. Withdrawals are never good but the freedom from drugs is always worth it.  Take care. Drink lots of fluids. You may feel weak and it's the reaction of body. May be diarrhea and pain. But keep trying. You will feel so better as you start to take control of your life again. And it does not end with you getting off codeine itself. The road to recovery is longer than just getting rid of the chemicals alone from our bodies. Make sure you contain the patience and keep yourself occupied to keep up the positivity and morale.
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