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Is there anyone in tge Brampton Ontario area who may want to go have a coffee, I could really use someone to talk to this is so hard....:(
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I don't live in that area but I'm here to listen if u wanna talk?❕❗
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Hi, Perky.  I understand that you are having a hard time, and that some company sounds good.  However, asking to actually meet any random stranger from the internet is DANGEROUS.  Yes I might sound like a great person over the net, but the cold hard truth is that I COULD be a big, muscular guy who is looking for someone to hurt.  I would hate for something bad to happen to you.  You can message ME if you like, and we can have an internet chat right here, no danger involved.  Blessings - Blu
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VERY, VERY good post❕❗ thanks for pointing that out ❕
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Go to a meeting, we go to have coffee in a group every friday, after the meeting. AA or NA is good, try them both, you will find your circle. The thing is, do something, get out there and meet real people, who you know what they look like and how they express themselves with their eyes. I think you will be amazed at who you hook up with. It's important to have local people, though MH is a great place too, but we need all the support we can get.
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You're right and these are things we know, it's just so hard to not be able tO talk to someone, anyone who would understand. I was online months ago (for the first time) googled na and there is never any answer on the phone. I tried to attend one of anchors meetings in Richmond hill Ontario (I was afraid to be too close to home) and the address didn't even exist. I was lOokong for help and couldn't find it, it was really discouraging and I was 10 days clean and relapsed. I felt like even they didn't want to help me. I know that I sound pathetic but tbh todaymy biggest emotion is feeling sorry for myself. I had such a negative (obviously naive) view o addiction and am really struggling with the concept that it's not a poor disease or a disease of choice ( I used to think why should feel sorry for the crack head who knew it was bad for them before they took the first hit) I am learning to see addiction now as it truly is but it scares me. My sincerest appologies to any I have judged, I will pray for your sobriety as much as I pray for my own.
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Awwww please keep trying to find an NA or AA meeting. Have you tried contacting any local churches? I know most churches around my area have substance abuse counseling and they are full of wonderful people. Please don't give up, but also please do not reach out and try to meet people that you don't know too well. Safety first :)! Come on here and talk to us whenever you need to!
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I know that feeling, feeling sorry for myself. That's okay, all your emotions are  okay, though not pleasant. I personally like AA better, it is more organized and people have more time, in my area. Half the members have had a runin with opiates, so I fit right in, though alcohol was not my central issue. It's hard not to take things personal, you likely feel raw, but know that it's not. Also, I was afraid to go to meetings near me, I live in a small town, everyone knows me. In the end, my favorite meeting is a few blocks away. I realized that the room was full of diversity, doctors, nurses, loggers, bikers, all kinds of people. Like you said, this disease has no discretion. All walks of life are effected. I also stopped being afraid to tell people, once I really believed I was done with opiates. I remember telling my banker and she was so happy for me, her sister has had a severe problem. My doctors son died from an OD. Try not to be too hard on yourself, just keep trying something new and take what works and leave the rest. Having local support is so important, as you found on your last relapse. Like Happy said, get know some folk here, in the mean time, but keep searching. Hang around, we have no judgement, no criticism, just support and helpful tips. Keep your eyes on the prize, you can do this.
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I can't tell you how much you all mean to me. Just from the day of being on the site it has made a huge difference, I think I am one of those people who would benefit from a group starting I never shut up I have so much to say and love to listen to and help others. I see myself eventually successful in this. I dream of the end, I dream of being the one saying to the active addict "I've been in your shoes" as soon as I can get a 20 minutes escape from the kids where they can't hear me on the phone I will try some of our local churches. Who knew with all the recent stigma on prescription meds being the doc it would be so hard to find help!!
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