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Cold Turkey Effexor XR

I have a tendency to be very tender hearted and isnt doesnt take much for me to cry. I have been this way for years. It may sound pretty stupid but it started when I was a kid, my Mom's boyfriend said something very mean and cruel to me and I've never forgotten it. Anyway, I lost my Mom in Dec of 2006. I cried for days and then I finally went to the Dr. She already had me on 75mg of Effexor, but she bumped it up to 150 mg. I stopped crying as much but still cry at something sad (movies, abused animals, someone being ugly to me). I realized that Effexor isnt the answer for me so I am going cold turkey off it. So far I have been off 10 days and the main things I have noticed is I cant sleep but for small amounts of time and it takes forever for me to go to sleep. I cry for no reason, and have mood swings. So far, no sickness, dizziness, brain shocks. Any idea how long they will last? I also am having ringing in my ears, but that started while I was on Effexor XR, so I hope it will go away when I stop. The Dr tried to tell me the ringing was my allergies. I have hypothyroidism, diabetes,high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and I take allergy shots weekly.
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I can relate to those w/d symptoms.  I too tried a while back to stop my effexor.  Didn't go CT, but tried the taper.  Got down to 37.5 every other day, but I realized it just wasn't time for me to come off of it.  I realize i may have to take it the rest of my life and have come to terms with that.  I also sought counseling to deal with why i had the depression (me too stemming back to childhood). While i have made huge improvements in the area, I just need it.  Why do you feel it isn't the answer for you?  And, what is the answer?  Try some counseling it may help.  I'm not sure on how long the w/d will last.  But you've made it much longer than i ever could, so kudos!!  If you need an anti-depressant there's nothing wrong with that?  But do try to work through those insecurities you have held onto that lead to those feelings.  It will help you in more ways than one!
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Thank you for your post. I feel that side effects while I am taking effexor xr is much worse so far....than the cold turkery effects. While taking the stuff, my ears have been ringing to the point it messes with my concentration and I'm an engineer.Second, the bad feelings, etc. So, anything is better. I also have gained lots of weight, diagnosed with hyperthyroid, and diabetes since I started it. I will seek help, my MD was prescribing this stuff.
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