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Cold Turkey with a side of the cold and hot chills

Well I'm still hanging on. How are you doing? I just can't help obsessing over how good it would feel to have an adequate dose right now. My stomach quivers with the thought it actually brings a smile to my face to think of it. Though it will be the same it's never enough and I can't get eauphoric enough without fearing overdosing so it's in the words of John Lennon COLD TURKEY for me. I can't wait until my body quits crying for this stuff. I am just trying to be around people right now without snapping at them for anything or my wife today is irritable from work and I don't want to jump on her for her attitude because I am detoxing something she does not even close to understand or relate to that lady can take anything with impunity and not take anymore and stay at the exact dose and less than dr. says. Wish I had that gene in me so bad. Anyway still praying for you all as well as for myself to make it and not give in to even a daggone fentanyl patch. Cheers until next time.
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Off fentanyl now for 42 days, I hear your pain bro'.  I swore I would not live through it, and begged for mercy and relief.  While I still do have some w/d issues, they are thankfully, mercifully, tolerable.  I feel for you not having your wife understand.  I have a whole family who understands, and without it, it would have been significantly harder.  I came here so much for support even still, so I'd suggest a triple dose of the forum for you.  I can completely relate to all the fentanyl issues, so if you ever wanna chat about it...you know where to find me.

Hang in there!  As George Harrison (Lennon's my favorite though) said, "All Things Must Pass".

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Hey there... Cold turkey is tough, but you sound like you are doing well. At least you are thinking before you react, I was a !$%#! and that aint no joke... my poor husband had it bad for a week or two. Every little thing set me off. I am 2 months clean and feel so much better. You are the first one on here that I have seen anyway, to post that you had a fear of overdosing all the time... I was scared to death of that. I knew people that took alot and alot more on top of that, but, I was always afraid! It feels really good to not have to worry about that anymore. If you take none then you cant possibly take too many, right? Great Job and the hard part will pass soon enough and you can get back to the important things in life!
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