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Cold Turkey

I am on day 11, of a 35ml a day cold turkey withdrawl from methadone , and speeking from firsthand understanding of opiate detox, i have quit a 1 to 2.5gram aday herion habit and a 80 to 120mg a day dilaudid habit. and methadone is by far the hardest thing i have ever atempted to quit. now to the point, iwas hoping someone could give me a rough idea or timeline as to when ican exspect to start feeling better. i know thats a very openended question but this draging on much longer then exspected. i mean herion was horriable, day 1 to 3 crazy day 4 5 started to get better and i was sleeping by day 7 ,and that roughly lays out the same for dilaudid. now that is not for methadone and one of you out there can relate and answer my timeline question i know its differtent for everyone but i dont know how many more sleepless nights and endless days ican handle. pls help      i would to share my exsperances with more posts on this fourm in hopes that they may help others but i curently feel like sh**  bad!
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I am not really sure with the meth but for most, I think it varies...sorry that doesn't help any. I suck at this.
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2-3 weeks and you will be better. methadone hangs on for awhile.
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