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Cold Turkey

My husband has been taking Norco for several years.  About 12 a day and he stopped cold turkey on Sunday afternoon.  What side effects can I expect?  Any suggestions on how to help him get through this would be very helpful.  Foods to eat or avoid?  Tea or herbs?  Anything to help him get off naturally. He is also a sugar and caffiene addict.  Lots of candy, rockstar and coffee. I did give him a zanax to take with him to work yesterday but he didn't take it until he got home and fell asleep at 7:00 and slept 12 hours.  How long does it take for this stuff to be out of your system?
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Welcome to the Forum. Take a look at our Health Pages near the top of page. Look for the Thomas recipe and the amino acid protocols posts.
Your husband will have symptoms like a really bad flu or food poisoning. It usually last 5-7 days with days 3,4 being the worst. I said usually. Every one is different. The second week is better, but not great. Stay in touch here as you will have questions as he goes through this. Gatorade helps, lots of fluids. Hot baths w/Epsom salts for the chills and muscles. RLS is also very common.
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Side effects for me were
having to run to the bathroom. -ommodium well help.
restlessness-cut down of caffiene and sugars. there are calming herbs and teas that helped. valarian root, chammoile,glass of wine (if that is not a 'problem')
lack of energy-up the proteins, and good fresh vegs & fruits. Amino acids.
insomnia- sleepy time herbal teas, melatonin(a herb), occasional sleeping pill (the zanax seemed to do that)

He might feel real depressed and not like himself; like not normal.. Don't take it personally. Also edgy.

Usually everyone says by the second week they are feeling better.
Best wishes
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Take a look at the thomas recipe...imodium was a must for me/liquid works faster than the pills.....be careful with the xanax as it is habit forming but ok right now for a week or so in small doses...i also had a bit of nausea/no vomiting and i would take walmart brand anti-nausea med...like 2 bucks and it works...he will need extra vitamins and plenty of C and zinc helps too with the immune system as people tend to get sick alot after quitting...he is lucky to have u!
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You have been given good advice from the peps above I just wanted to let you know I'm here for you and your husband and to post anytime as there will always be someone willing to share.
Remember to take care of yourself, also a hot bath for you might help reduce your stress and walking for the both of you will help to promote sleep and help with his rls.. wishing you well on you and your husbands journey.
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Hi....ditto above but I have to say, slept for 12 hours...that’s fantastic.  I think a huge issue with withdrawals is the lack of sleep.  If he can sleep like that throughout his w/d, I believe (I'm not a physician), that he will recover much sooner.

Great for you standing by him during this difficult time.  Continued support is definitely necessary; hence why I am here (5 months clean).

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