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Cold turkey from hydrocodone

I am taking my last dose tonight and going cold Turkey tomorrow. I’ve been taking hydrocodone daily for 2 years for cancer pain. I have been taking more than prescribed causing me to run out and withdraw every month. I’m sick of being sick. So I’ve made up my mind to get off the ride. I’m always nodding and grumpy and just not participating in life. I’m wasting my days. So my question is about gabapentin. I’ve read it can be used to get through the acute phase of wd. Does anyone have experience they can share? I have a bottle that could get me through the first week if it’s actually helpful. Thank you!
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CONGRATS.. on wanting to get clean.. how are you.. I will be one year clean.. and I quit smoking… February 26th..
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Sry.. 1 year clean and 1 year quit smoking.. cigarettes I’m meaning not weed or whatever.. I haven’t touched weed since Oct 30th 1996
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Missbobbi1969 h
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How’ you doing I want through same thing
I’m awesome.. thank you for asking., how are you ??
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Congratulations to you on your decision to quit.  So the first thing I would say (JUST MY OPINION) is if you can do it without taking any type of substitute it will be better.  Your not really going to get around being sick though I know that's what we all wish for.  But if you had cancer and went through treatment (as did I) then you can totally do this!  

Sorry I didn't see this until now but are you still off the hydrocodone?  If so there are alot of things you can do to make it not super super bad.  Let me know if your still attempting to quit.

Melissa B
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