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Cold turkey

Hi all

This isn't so much a question as a statement really.  My wife (Karen Gradidge) has been has been posting left right and centre about me because she has asked about as many questions as a woman with a husband such as I.  I don't know if anybody out there remembers me but I am the guy who is on a prescription of 640mg of OxyContin per day.  Yes  know it it is a huge dose (over 3 times the recomended dose) for chronic back pain etc.  I have been on this drug now for over two years now and to be honest, I feel as though I have lost over two years of my life to this nasty little substance and it ends here. I have tried to taper off the way the doctors here dictate, but with the scant degree of help I receive here I may as well   I am receiving no help from the doctors here whatsoever, being resistant to any and all proposals we put forward to them using the line "we can't prescribe what you ask for because we have to clear it with the pain clinic".  When we talk to the pain clinic they recomend something but the doctors then stubbornly refuse to administer it!  I am caught in a vicious circle with no way out at all.  So what choice do I have I ask you?  Meanwhile I am stuck with chronic pain so severe at times as to dominate mine and my wife's life completely. I am so completely disillusioned with doctors as a whole now, to the degree where I would rather go see a vet for treatment! I am just so utterly sick and tired of my doctor's attitude towards me and the situation that they put me in, in the first place! All doors to me are now well and truely closed as far as thy are concerned, so my only true option is to go cold turkey.  I am well aware how dangerous going CT on this amount of OC is, but to be honest I am well and truly past caring now.  I know it will be hell on earth for the first week, but I have a cast iron will and I will eventually get through it!

Thank you for listening

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have you thought about tapering with your wife controling your meds, because you are on such a high dose I would do it very slowly but that might be easy on you then going c/t on such a high dose.. I would be scared of the dangers again because you are taking so much...have you looked into a suboxone doctor? good luck, keep us posted...take care
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Hi, I am Gixerboy's wife.

He has actually been tapering now for about a month and has got down to 5 80's a day now instead of 8, which I know is a real accomplishment!

We did actually try with me keeping the tablets for him but it just doesn't work because when he gets desperate he would just tear the house apart until he finds where I have put them!   Also, tapering from this dose is going to take so long, and he just wants to be shot of them now.  As he mentioned he is getting no help from the docs here at all, and feels that he now has no alternative.

I am afraid of him going cold turkey from this dose but have told him if this is what he wants, I will support him in this.  I know from posts I have read that people on here have quit cold turkey from doses higher than this.   I know it won't be easy at all, and any advise on how to cope would be appreciated by us both.

Many thanks.

Karen (Gixerboy's wife)
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I almost died on day 2 and 3 of cold turking from about where your at. I've got back down to what my doctor precribes but there is so much pain. Everyday is another day I made it alive. Talk about losing years. I am 46 and have been on oxy for 7 years. Every time I fill my script I thing about checking out but that's just the devil. I uderstand what you are fighting and I'll pray for you but God hasn't been hearing me lately. Just get you dose as low as you can. Lots of Luck. Vicki
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