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Come off Methadone

Hi all from what i have seen no one has poosted since 1999 is this right??? or am i in the wrong Fourm?
Anyway I have been on Methadone for 10 years for Pain and perscribed by a Pain doc. I can't drive, memory loss and have turned into basiclly a hermit. can someone Please tell me the best way to tapper off i have looked and looked online and can't find this simple question?  Example is it 5mg weekly or what if anyone knows can you please reply? I can't go into a detox center at this time i am on 40mg would it be to much to go to 30 mg? Thank you
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Hi smusher,we are here and in 2012!   This is the only forum I could find that is in use.I am sorry but we are not allowed to advise on tapering but there are some here who can be of great help to you.They will be along here in a bit.This is a great forum with lots of support and remedies to make withdrawal way more tolerable.welcome!
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Hi, welcome here... i have no experience with methadone but wanted to tell you that you are in the right forum, there are a lot of members posting all the time. Maybe you searched with google an old thread ... anyway, all the best. Gnarly one of our community leaders is a great person with a lot of experience on methadone.
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Hi!   You're here in 2012!

The doctor can't help with this?

We can't give you a taper plan per se' but I can tell you that you can drop a little bit, very slowly over time. You can't hurry a taper!

How will you manage your pain?
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Go to the top of the site and search methadone....its part of the medhelp.org health pages but u can find it by doing a site search....I just got off methadone 3 weeks ago from around 100mg to nothing w/ tapering. Message me if u wanna talk but the methadone portion of the health pages are amazing
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HI AND welcome to the forum so your ready to take your life back thats great with methadone you have to be willing to be in it for the long haul it takes some time to get off if you dont want to be in constant withdrawals you cant go to slow altohugh I personally would rather put up with some discofort then drag it out over years when you drope doses wait at lest 72hr b/4 froping again most clinics will allow 1 a week drops
the lower the dose the smaller the drops it all about percentage you need to try to keep a stable level of serum in your blood you can drop but always give yourself time to adjust there is a great 3 in one vitamin you can pick up at walmart it calcium/magnesium/zinc take 4 in the morning and 4 with dinner this will take a dew days to work but it will really cut back on your withdrawals this is a race one by the tortus not the hare slow and steady gets it done .....I help out most of the methadnians and will be happy to help you just  message me I will send a message to get us started good luck and God bless......Gnarly  
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