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Common Bond of Addiction---How

Good Morning to All!

*YEAH* I finally was able to start my own thread, after trying for a week, it finally worked!!!  I really hate to interrupt another
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I don't know a whole lot about the recipe myself and am also curious about the appropriate time to start. I think I read in one post that you should start even before quitting. If anyone has any words of wisdom about this they would be much appreciated.

Regarding the sleep thing - the last time I quit (Vicodin) it took about 2 1/2 weeks before I actually had a full night of sleep. I still woke up sweating, but at least I wasn't awake at 1:30, or all night long.

Good luck to you!
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Jenn, how's it going: are you still doing only 2 percs/day, or did you get something to allow you more opiate intake until Friday?
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Hi all, I"ve been home sick with Pneumonia for the past three weeks and have hardly been online at all, but I"m better and back at work for the first time today.

I wanted to answer Jenn's question about when to start the recipe supplements. Start them as soon as possible. It is perfectly ok to start them while still using narcotics. Waiting until 6 days into withdrawal defeats the whole purpose of the supplements.  They are there to help make the process easier. Some of them, like the 5 htp, I didn't know about until I was a week clean, but it would have saved me a lot of depression had I started it sooner.

So, good luck with it, and I think you'll notice a difference right away. The L-Tyrosine is especially helpfull.

take care,
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Hey sweetie, how's it going?  Yeah, I am still taking only the 2 percodans a day.  I have no other choice, I made sure my doctor cut me off, I have no refills left, and I refuse to give in and ask anyone I know for pills.  Doing that would just be letting myself down and worse yet, ultimately setting myself up for failure!  I crushed the pills today, and they seemed to take the "edge" off, so along with last nights sleep, I am feeling pretty good today!

How are you doing?  Still sticking to the tapering schedule?  How are things at home?  Did you read my post yesterday regarding the Valium?  I know we will all make it through this. . .we have to.  We all lived our lives before drugs, so we can live them without drugs once again.  Hang in there and continue to keep in touch with me, hanging onto each other for support, progress, and help definitely is the best solution!

Your friend,

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Good afternoon all,
I was wondering if someone out there can list the thomas recepie and tell me more about it so i can start doing the detox. thank you
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