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Congatulations EvolverU! One Year Clean!!!

So, this post is approximately 40 hours early since officially her 1 year isn't until Christmas Day but I thought I would post it early from a strategical standpoint as I want as many Med Helpers to partake in this celebration as possible. I figured there wouldn't be that much traffic on the forum Christmas Eve and Day and wanted Annie to get the full props she deserves.

Congratulations my dear friend. You are beyond amazing in my books. We have many things in common...good and bad. Ive watched you overcome a lot this past year but to be honest...there was never really any doubt in my mind that you would. You are a very strong and smart person. Your presence on the forum is felt by many. I know you dont post as much any more because of work....but when you do, everybody benefits from what you have to say. Personally, Ive always enjoyed reading your posts. They are always heartfelt and accompanied wisdom. You take your time and listen to what people have to say and respond in kind instead of making it about you. SELFLESS! I appreciate you. I look forward to learning more from you. I hope you do something special not just today but everyday because because your a special kinda person.

In honor of your 1 year clean and your daily songs, Id like to present you with this jukebox. This is my gift to you. Now, all you have to do is convince MH to let you install it and you can charge a quarter per song. :)

(P.S. When are we going trainspotting again?)

Love ya!

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CONGRATS Annie on that 1 year mark!  Good thinking Evan with the early post as many won't be on here as much thru the holidays....SO proud of you girl for pushing thru the bad this past year..what a ride eh?   So glad we "met" and thanks for all you do on here and for all the encouragement i've gotten from you thru this past year.  You continue on your own path...and that's what makes you unique...Lots of love and hugs your way girl...you deserve the best life has to offer....go out and take it and get that fire back!  Happy Holidays!!!  
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Huge congratulations!! 1 year is amazing! Be proud of your success! You worked so hard to get there!  Thank you for all you do for us and this forum! Take care, and keep moving forward! I wish you all the best!
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Felicidades!!! You are rockin it girl!!!
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WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO  this is great a year is a huge milestone keep  doing what your doing work your aftercare and keep posting for support..Gnarly................
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hi Annie, congratulations!  im at a loss for words .... ya, huh?  you are such a treasure to this site and to all the lives u touch.  people love and respect you, that's gotta feel great!  I know you have had your struggles and hardships and my heart goes out to you.  outstanding job huni!!!!!!!!  super great, wonderful for yooo!  have a fantastic day.  ONE YEAR!!!!!
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WOW!!!  Annie, what an AMAZING Christmas gift!  I cannot believe it's been a year already!  I remember when you first came to the forum!

You should be bursting with pride!  You've done an amazing job and I know you are an inspiration to so many others.

Wishing you a blessed and peaceful holiday to you and yours.  You better do some serious celebrating, treat yourself to some pampering, something!  This is one heck of an accomplishment!

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Congratulations!!!! 1 Year is Soooo Huge:))) Annie, you are such a Blessing for all of Medhelp Thank You for all you do and God Bless You!!!!
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Congratulations on one year!! That is fantastic! You are truly a gift around here! I hope you have an amazing holiday because you deserve it! :)
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Hey Annie !!!  
Great job on your year and great thinking Evan on posting early for this.
I am sure Christmas will be slow here too.
   Annie You have come so so very far in the last year and you are so deserving and so worth all of the good things that You are now starting to get out of life . I will write more tomorrow and more on Christmas so we can keep this at the top .;))
   Thank you for being you and for letting me be me my dear friend ;))))
  You are awesome . ;))  

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Congratulations Annie, one year is so AWESEOME! Thank you for who you are and all that you give to people here on MedHelp! You are truly an inspiration to all! I wish you a very Merry Christmas,this is your present to yourself and your family! Way to go!!
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Oh my Creative Force of the Universe!!! I can't express how happy I am for you to see this huge landmark in your new life. I am rarely short of words, but I am speechless of your progress. Great work.
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Congratulations on reaching such a big milestone! I hope you have a chance to sit back and appreciate all you've accomplished while you're spending time with your family over Christmas.
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Congratulations to you, my long lost sister, one year clean is simply amazing. You've come so far and overcome so much over the course of this year, you should be truly proud of yourself, I know I am! You've helped me and so many others so much and allowed me the privilege to get to know you, how lucky am I, ha! You are truly one in a million Annie, and I just loves ya! Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you (and everyone else), I wish you nothing but the very best for 2014, this is going to be your year, nothing stopping you now sis! Brilliant work, ;)

Thanks for doing this Evan, great intro! Good man yourself, ;)
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Well I am going to be "Selfish" and tell you that "I" love you.."I" care..and that YOU have helped "ME" out since day one on here.
I am so proud of you!! You and I have been together in this Journey for a Year or so now.."I" have always admired the way you come across and all the research, experience and knowledge you have about this disease. You have helped me understand alot about my own research..You have been here for me in my own troubles in Life. I know you have had so many things that went on in this last year..BUT you picked your feet up and went out and kicked some Buttt..You have come along way Baybay. I so look up to you as well there girlfriend. I wish you nothing but the best that Life can give you right now..WE all have worked hard at it..Right??hahaha
You said it all in my Christmas Card..I always have you close to my Heart too! lol
Bless U my Dear Friend..Keep it up and so will "I"
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U are an amazing person who had many many rough patches but no matter what, and there were a lot of situations that would cause a great many to relapse, you stayed clean!!!! Heres to a whole damn year!!!! Congrats im proud of u n love u!!!
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Big congratulations on 1 year! WOW!
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Congrats on your year! Lots of things happen in a year and it is an accomplishment to go through all them without meds. Enjoy your holidays-- this next year will be great!

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Congratulations on 1 year; that is amazing!!!  Keep up the good work and thanks for all you do :)
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High five Annie and a big congrats on your one year anniversary.
hold your head high and continue to walk the recovery road with patience.
well done.
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Congratulations Annie on 1 year clean!! Totally awesome...I can't wait to get there. You must feel on top of the world!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!!  Great work!!  I hope Santa brings you something extra special this year under the tree!!
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My dear Annie, I am so freaking proud of you!!! You have made it through the year from hell and done it with style and grace. A Merry Christmas, a Happy one year, and a Happy, peaceful, and prosperous New Year to you! I can't begin to tell you how much your support and love have meant to me. You are the best sis! Love you!!
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We'll....we are 16 hours away from your 1 year. This has been a great sober party Annie! Just want to congratulate you again!
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What song ya got playing on the juke box girl????
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Annie I purchased a small rocket that is to be shot into space on the moment of your one year clean.  You need to look up to the north north west at said moment to see it. I hope it is not cloudy out so you can get the full benefit of this .  
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