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Congestive Heart Failure, can abuse lead to this?

Hi all. I have a question. Can chronic abuse of opiates cause congestive heart failure? Liver disease? Kidney disease. I'm an addict that is experiencing some very scary symptoms and I fear that all of my drug abuse is the cause of it. Is there something out there that I can read that describes all the bad stuff that opiates do to your body long term? TIA!
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WMN854 is right!  Coke and Meth can definitely cause a heart attack and possibly a stroke, but I'm not sure about the stroke.

I took toxic amounts of Vicodin for 14 years straight and my liver and kidney's are perfect, BUT you can't just roll the dice like that.  I'm sure, had I continued, my liver would have probably suffered at some point.  You have to remember that your liver is the boy's filtering device.  If it becomes irreparably damaged, you're dead!

Your mind mind not believe you know, but you will be happy again and actually, you'll be happier than you are now.  I'm sure it doesn't seem like it, but it will happen!
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you cannot believe everything you read on the internet , but this is interesting,,,

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I have never heard of opiates causing CHF, liver and kidney failure is definitely possible depending on the drug and the amount of drug used. What can cause heart failure is cocaine, and methamphetamine. Also if you are injecting you could introduce bacteria that can attack the valves/ heart muscle. What are your symptoms?
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i have heard long term abuse can cause damage to organs however i don't know specfics I am sure someone will come along with more knowledge.
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