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Congratulations to your Community Leader, dominosarah

dominosarah has been a Community Leader in this forum, helping others get advice and support for addiction and substance abuse, for 7 years this month! She cares so much and her dedication shows...Please congratulate her.
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Oh gee, what would any of us on here do w/o Sarah? She's is the wisest and fairest of them all. Don't ever change and congrats!!!:)
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Congragulations to you and all of your hard work!  You are an invaluable necessity to this community!
Thankyou Dominosarah
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Thank you for dedicating your time to helping others :)
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Thank You~
Well ain't this a kick in the asss !! There is a warm wind a blowing and on it are many messages One of them is without you here there would be no me You are the glue that holds it all together Thank you from our Community Friend.. Thank you for never loosing focus on what really matters.. Saving others from their active addiction and death.. You are the Bomb ! love you Sara.. lesa
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Way to go DS. Hugs to YOU too!!!
I have to ditto all the above that had been said. lol=Lots of Love!!!
Vic, that has to be the shortest response you have ever written!!  lol
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Thank you Sarah
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Hey Sarah!   Awesome job chickie! Kudos. Hugs
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Wow! Seven years!  Time goes quickly...Congratulations!
It's true that you're very important here and especially now, with all the changes, you are the stable and driving force. You made a huge commitment so long ago and you've remained faithful to this forum and your sobriety. It should inspire everyone.  I know I'm healthier for having known you and I love so much about you!  Vicki
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dear Sarah sorry it took me so long to post.  I appreciate you and all the support you have given me over the years.  You have always been there and gave me good advice and told me kind things.  Congratulations!!!

love, Meegy
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hey hey girl  a big congrats.....it has been so good working with you as a community leader here on med help....your advise is always spot on and you tell it the way it is......staying clean takes work  we both know that.....but it beats the alternative of active addiction...and it is still ezer then using 24/7 I wish you all the best and look forward to another 7 yrs with you  do something special....may God bless you abundantly
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CONGRATS! Im Back :(
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