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Cost of suboxone doctor vists

I just started reasearching Suboxone treatment.  I made my first call and was discouraged at all the hoops that had to be jumped through to get started.  First required to see a nurse who doesn't have any appointments open for over a week...pay $300 that vist....then see doctor 3 days later while in withdrawal..pay $75...see doctor one week later..$75...then see doctor montly at $75 a month.  Plus required counseling and prescription costs.    I didnt realize finding help would cost so much and be complicated to start.  I have no idea how I can go to work while in whithdrawal and I cant get off work..seems so hard to start this.  I can't lose my job..have to keep up the act but am running out of the energy to continue it.  I'm a single mom with a toddler and 2 teenagers that need me and deserve so much more from me.   I will continue making calls on Monday...does anyone now if the procedure I described above is basically the same for most doctors?  If it is...I guess it would save me a lot of time researching.  Thanks in advance for any advise.
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contact the makers of sub the have a program that helps people that qualfiy with at least the prices of the drug .
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It is pretty much the same everywhere from my understanding. In order for my Dr to be able to prescribe Suboxone he has to have a License just for prescribing Sub's. I was also told I had to be in WD's for 72 hrs before I could start. I made my mind up that I was not gonna go 72 hrs without anything.  The main reason I was getting on Sub's was to AVOID all WD's cause I was not mentally ready to deal with it. I think it was about 24 hrs give or take  since the last time I had used and I didn't have any problems when I took the Sub's. I am in NO way telling you to go against what your Dr told you so please don't take it that way. I am just telling you what I was told and what I actually did. It ***** that Suboxone is so expensive and not to mention the fee for the Dr and whatever else they can throw in there to charge a few more bucks. Seems all the healthy things and things that can help ppl always cost a small fortune. Luckily my Dr visits were free so all I had to pay for was the Sub's ($8 a pill here in WV) and drug tests. I wish you all the luck in getting clean! If you have any questions about Sub's I can try to help you the best I can.
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Thanks for your replies.  I know..part of me realizes the suboxone is maybe going to be me stalling..but at least I can get my head together and stop being obbessed with how many pills I have available..counting them..hiding them..its horrible.

I'm just surprised about the timing of the treatment and why that one doctor doesn't offer help right away.  I was told that even after I see the nurse..the doctor only saw suboxone patients on certain days and times..if someone is in a crisis and finally has the courage to reach out..it seems like there should be a way to start when you need it.   After all..I'm about to run out of medicine..and thats why Im calling.  If I wait a week..I'll already have been through my week of misery and then be able to get a new prescription and it will start all over.  I just can't break the cycle.  I keep telling myself..one more refill to use to taper off..but I can never do.  Instead of taper..I do the opposite.

I will call more on Monday to see if other doctors are more available.

Thanks again.
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i can understand how you feel, but i think that is why a lot of us did it cold turkey, we werent strong enough to taper, and knew we could wait till the next script got filled, so it was best to do ot once and for all and not have the next script coming, also even with sub you have to go in withdrawals and then get off the sub, none of it is easy, best is to not take any ever again, and get some after care to help us stay clean, i wish you well,
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I know the feeling with finally asking for help and having to wait. I was on the waiting list for Suboxone for about 3 months after I asked for help. That was 3 months that the addict in me could have changed my mind in getting help. Dr's in the ER don't see patients having heart attacks only on Mondays between the hrs of 3-8 so why should a patient that is an addict asking for help have to wait til a certain day and time. It might not be as serious as a heart attack but still serious enough and needs attention. I know that most Suboxone program places where I live can only have a certain number of ppl in the program at a time. It's not fair for the next person wanting and needing help to have to wait when a huge % of the ones in it are only doing it to sell.
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i went a different path and did a 21-day short detox with Sub and it worked just as advertised so far... and you DO NOT have to be in 72 hours of withdrawal! Otherwise, what is the point! might as well just go cold turkey..   I was only 12 hours and had no problems. They use a scaled called the "COWS" scale to determine where you are in detox.. 12-16 hours is plenty, and my doc has detoxed thousands of people..   mine was WAY more expensive than what you are saying, but then again i'm done already and wont be going to monthly visits.  I also used Subutex, not Suboxone - as the Narcan in the Suboxone isnt necessary and is the cause of a lot of headaches and things in people..  As soon as i got in the doc's office, he saw me and gave me 1/2 a pill as we were discussing my history (although they already knew it having spoken to me for weeks).

i used it to break my constant relapsing and ridiculous amounts i was taking and i struggled for years trying to do it myself and just couldnt stay away... so for me, it did what i wanted - but i have also been going to daily AA meetings, a counselor, and cut off access to all my supplies. You have to want it, Sub is not a quick fix but if used properly can work.

i researched a lot, and found that 21 days is the optimum time to break the cycle but not get hooked on sub... which is the danger you face, as its hard to get off of Sub once you get on, and many docs want to keep you there for "maintenance" - which means you are still on a drug.   But different situations for different people.... it was only one piece of my overall recovery plan, a tool to use along with aftercare, counseling, exercise, diet, changing everything basically to get well
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