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Crack Use

Just used last night, AGAIN....The temptation is overwhelming. Then when the s*** is gone, it's like the worst feeling in the world. I can understand why people rob and hold up 7-11 stores. I wonder if going away to a 28 day program will REALLY help. Anyone think it would help alot more than an outpatient program. I would be leaving my 18 and 19 year old children home alone to handle everything themselves. I also have a dog with a sick obsession with me, he can barely handle it when I'm gone for a day or two, out on a crack smoking binge. I have been using on/off for 3 years, and I want to for once stop having the INSANE desire to get another hit. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Dani............
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I hope you come back, this is a great support group. Crack is one of the most powerful menatally addictive drugs there is and most need help to STAY clean. Getting some help or into rehab is the best possible thing you can do for you and your children. As you know when that obsession hits, nuttin will stop ya from using until you can learn the tools to stay clean. What is the longest you have stayed off this drug? Good luck and please keep posting.
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crack is a truly mental obsession that is a real ***** to kick on ya own.
if you find you cant make 90 dayz on ya own, check into an inpatient facility!!
i spent over 25 years smokin rock, and it doesnt get any easier, so let the kids be the adults they are now and get your butt into a program.
best of luck to ya, n ne help or advice i can give you feel free to hit me up!
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Hi and Welcome,

I think the inpatient is the only way to go and the longer the better.

You are worried about leaving home two adults who don't have their mother anyway.

PLEASE...do it for you. If not, do it for them.

Best of luck and I hope you make it.
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Yes, inpatient will help more than outpatient for some people. Reason being, there are no temptations, your in a structured environment and you get 28 days to clear your head and make the plan for the rest of your life. Your kids and dog will be just fine. I am sure they would rather you be gone now for 28 days than for you to OD on crack and be gone forever...you gotta take care of you so that you can take care of others! Good luck...you can do this! It won't be easy, but nothing worth fighting for is ever easy! Don't quit fighting you are worth it and your kids deserve to have a momwho is sober who can be the positive role model they need!!!
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