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Crack withdrawals

Someone please help i'm going through crack cocaine withdrawals and am suffering-anxiety, sweats, bad shakes etc and other stuff I can't even think straight anymore. I've tried going out keeping busy doing things its not helping the cravings are so intense I just want to use. Please suggest ways I can cope and beat this addiction. Thanks.
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You will be ok! Hang in there! How long have you used? How long clean? I suggest you just start reading the different postings on this site. Just keep reading you will find things to identify with and also remind yourself why you are doing this. Have you thought about NA? Being with people who have done it before you really really helps the immediate craving thing. Also writing to people on this site. Also, try some really dumb types of jobs at home; like cleaning the bathroom with a toothbrush, organizing your CDs by year or color of the cover; cleaning the refrigerator; doing puzzles; walking hard and fast; watching funny movies; digging in the earth; chopping wood; writing down all your thoughts; walk the dog (s); sending emails to everyone; remember how bad it was and what a dead end drugs are and how it just keeps getting worse. I like to picture myself in some kind of warrior like situation like standing upright on a surf board in the middle of the biggest wave and being perfectly balanced while the water is raging. Go slow; think "I am not going to use this hour" and go hour by hour. Keep posting! You Can Do This! Remember the drug is the enemy...talk to it. Don't let it win!
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Hi and welcome to the forum. crack is extremely rough to stop I understand.. the mood swings and irritation factor are high !! Try Hot showers this is a least calming You just need to give it time this will pass. drink a lot of water keep busy as you have been. taking a walk in a quiet park will help as to much stimuli can really set ya off. reach out to the forum talk it out it helps.. Good on you to stop back in the day they had a saying Speed Kills it was no lie. You can do this You do not want to go back to getting wired Really like running in circles we accomplish nothing but destroy our health and mind a lil more each time. Thing will mellow out. eat healthy !! You can do this just hang in there.. lesa
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I detoxed from methamphetamines years ago and it was very hard. I ended up in a hospital to detox because I tried hurting myself and had really bad panic attacks and anxiety. Its hard to detox on your own because the drug is so readally available. If you can do this ct on your own than by all means give it a shot. If it gets unbareable and you start freaking out than I highly recommend a detox center. Anyone that hasnt tried to detox from crack and other types of meth havent got a clue what its like. Its not the same as detoxing from pain meds by no means. Good luck and be careful.
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You also might want to go to the drug store and pick up some Valerian Root it is like a Natural Valium and may help a lot with anxiety and shakes..
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Check out the health pages too.  That is on the right hand side of the page.  

Keep posting..........sara
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Please dont because you know you will be back to square one. I am a former crack addict and have been squeaky clean for 4 1/2 years. That was one of the hardest and most important decisions Ive ever made in my life and trust me it is ALL mental!! The cravings and anxiety are real and you have to try and over come it, keep yourself busy, clean read a book take up hobby. Personally I had to shut out the outside world and have a family member hold my money. I screened all my phone calls because when you quit all the sudden ppl offer it too you for free...and its only because they want your money. And word of advise loose those "friends" that you smoke with. you can still be nice and say hi, maybe short coversation in passing. But hanging with them will only get you back to smoking. Hang in there if youve made it this far you can make it the rest of the way! Not smoking crack even for a day is a huge accomplishment! Keep up the good work. You may message me if youd like.

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oh man u need to get a family member or good freind who will be with you for a few days- to make sure you ARNT on the streets doing anything and are in bed near a bathroom w/ vitamin water,a bucket, candy, and food for later.
ive been WD from oxy ( like heroin) for 2 weeks now and am never going back - u can do it
cracks worse though seriously dont do it again!

the only reason u want to is ur brains tricking u, but once u sweat out the crack in u - u can start ur life again - crack makes ur brain think it wants more after the 1st time.
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so, I hate to be debbie downer but... I smoked crack EVERYDAY for 2 years and never experienced withdrawals.  Comming down sux and I absloutley fiend.  But as far as wd like an opiate wd...sorry but it just doesnt work that way with crack.
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as far as "beating the addiction" I moved away changed my number lost everyones number who could cop for me.  Its the only way.  Stay away from everyone who smokes or can get it for you.

Good Luck!
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well this is my first day off the stuff an my body aches soooo bad. When does it get better i don't know. Does anyone know anything that works to aleviate some of the muscle pain?Don't give up fowerman u are not alone. Although it may seam like it @ times.
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There is no physical withdrawal from cocaine. It is all in your head. You could be suffering psychological symptoms but there should be no physical pain. Find yourself an NA meeting and they will help you out. Sometimes all a person needs is to talk to someone who has been through a similar experience
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There are no physical w/d's from crack, but the mental part of w/d from this drug is one of, if not the toughest of all drugs. What kind of muscle pain are you having? Are they spasms? Coming off crack and coke can cause muscle spasms, usually if you have used a lot, I had them many times, but for the most part it's all mental. Congrats on stopping! How are you going to stay clean from this drug, it's deadly and the cravings are beyond cravings as I am sure you know? How long have you been using?
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P.S. This post is over a month old, so if ya want to start a new one, that would be great too.
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you cracks mental get something to help you sleep go on a vacation where its hard to find or some to watch for you. any kind of drug ending in pam doc will hook you up. for convaltios i had them in my heavey coke day got a ornge pill to sleep from friend turned out to be a blood presure medications help you sleep an d with withdrawl
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I just want to say, thanks, my skin is crawling, feels like little pins poking me. So the hot showers will help.feels like little pins stickin me.
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Hi sorry to hear of ur withdraws. Im just finding it difficult to hear that cravk even have any withdraws. U see I am a recovering crack addict. I used crack for 14 years of my life and in that 14 years it would ha e been a hit every 20-30 min or so. Wad married to a drugdealer that basically kept me high on permanent basis. When looked in the mirror and saw myself I knew I was gonna die soon if I didn't get away. So I got away and threw my pipe out the window. This now is 3 years ago and I didnt suffer as much as sweats when I stopped. I didnt go to any rehab or used anything else for it. No I believed crack is a mental drug, noy like herion that physically goes Into ur blood, no this drugs high is the addictive part and its the mind that loves it. So I believeif you have a strong will and really want to stop, u will have no problems getti g off it. You know when the problems really start?  Itd when you have to face the reality of life and living it. Thats the hard part of giving up crack. Picking up the pieces that it has left behind. U believe me its not easy, im clean for 3 years now and im constantly dealing with something that was effected by crack. So I hope I wad a little help to you and I hope only the best for you. Be strong and believe thats all u need to do
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