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Currenty on 4 mg of methadone. What to expect?

I have been on methadone for 2 1/2 years and have been tapering down for about a year of that.  I am on 4mg of methadone now. It got the hardest when I got to 12mg and since 6mg it has been even more difficult. I was prescribed neurotin which has def helped witb the withdrawal and also clonidine which helps when I can't sleep. I just don't want to be dependent on another drug when im done with the methadone. I was planning on dosing to 3mg then 2mg then 1mg being on each for 4 weeks. I am wondering what to expect from here and how I will feel when im actually down to 0mg. How long will it take to feel normal? Will the neurotin be enough to sustain the withdrawal?
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Hi and welcome!  I dont know alot about methadone other than it is a beast as you are finding out.  We have some other members who have come off this so hopefully they will respond shortly. Hang tight
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Hello and welcome. Tapering from under 5 or 6 msg is pointless.
Just stop now. You will still have to detox when you stop.
Take vitamins, drink protein shakes. it is going to take some time to completely detox.
Tell us how you are doing we can suggest things to help you feel better.
Congrats on your taper you are doing great.
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