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Cutting pills

I havent posted for quite awhile, but my husband is trying to taper off percocet. The problem is they are not scored, and someone told me you shouldnt break a pill that is not scored, as you cant control how much of the medicine you are getting. He wants to take half, and then eventually a forth, but we dont know if this will work.

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are you talking about the 5 mg percocet...i used to break mine in  half but i don t know about 4ths...i think it would be safe....maria
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These are actually 10 mgs. He has already broke one in half because he is trying hard to back off of them.
Thanks for the reply.
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i think he will be fine breaking in half.   my husband had 750 s and he would break in half...but i m still not sure about 4ths...good luck to your hubby...hope he succeeds..maria
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Thank you.............hes now on the road that I have been on.
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Hi...went to Walgreens and purchased a pill cutter; cut my percs in half..they were 7.5s and I had no issues.

Good Luck on the taper...I successfully tapered from patches/percs (3 weeks) almost 16 months ago.  Best thing about tapering is you can still function in the real world, e.g. working environment.

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I cut my 7.5 into halves, had a really easy time of it with a very sharp knife.(be careful tho)

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Thanks guys
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